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"I want a houseful of babies!" Moana Hope reveals her exciting pregnancy plans with wife Isabella Carlstrom

She's taken on football and reality TV, but Moana Hope's biggest priority is being a mum and a carer.

By Brigid Auchettl
When former footballer Moana Hope's ailing mother Rosemary asked her to take younger sister Lavinia into her care five years ago, she didn't hesitate.
Lavinia, aka "Vinny", was born with Moebius syndrome, a rare neurological disorder affecting the muscles that control facial expression and eye movement. While Moana knew it wouldn't be easy, she was eager to step up and care for her "best friend".
"We have been so close since she was a baby," the 33-year-old sports star tells Woman's Day from her home in Melbourne.
"To be honest I was so excited. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but never did I doubt my ability to take care of her because of how much I love her."
"Being around her makes me a better person because she is the best human I know."
Now, Vinny, 26, is using her voice to help others with disabilities. Moana and her model wife Isabella Carlstrom have helped Vinny launch a not-for-profit called The Vinspiration Foundation, selling T-shirts to raise funds for various disability charities.
"I'm so proud of her, she is always wanting to help people and take care of others," Moana says of her little sister.
"She has such a beautiful heart and soul."
The couple say baby number two is not far off! "We're going to try and get pregnant towards the end of the next year I think, which is super exciting.'' (Images: Instagram)
With her sibling always front of mind, Moana confesses she knew Isabella was her perfect match after she introduced her to Vinny for the first time.
"I knew she was The One when she met my disabled sister," says the former AFLW player.
"They got along so well, they made me jealous!"
The happy couple tied the knot in 2019, honouring Vinny with a special ring during the ceremony as a promise to always look after her.
Growing up with 13 siblings, Moana has made no secret of her desire to have a big brood of her own, with plans to expand their family soon.
"We're going to try and get pregnant towards the end of the next year I think, which is super exciting," says Moana, who plans to carry their second child.
"I was able to pull Svea out and put her onto Bell's chest and in that moment I felt an overwhelming sense of love and protection that I've never felt before."
"I want a houseful of babies! But we're aiming for three at the moment."
Moana and wife Isabella welcomed daughter Svea in November last year. (Image: Instagram)
And while Moana has had her hands full with motherhood, being a carer, running her own business and doing charity work, the superwoman still finds time to hit the gym. She also trains with Vinny, helping her lose an impressive 54kg!
"At the start, it was for her health, I wanted to make sure her insides, and her heart, were healthy," says Moana.
"Now, Vinny trains for 80 minutes a day... It's taken three years and she has done it at her pace."
The two-time Survivor contestant says of her own fitness, "I have just started back training... I was super fit up until bub arrived, but one thing that helps get me through is my daily Hydralyte! I make sure I always have it on hand so I can stay hydrated, especially during and after training sessions."
The Vinspiration Foundation: The family are selling T-shirts to raise funds for various disability charities. (Image: Instagram)
And while she is currently more preoccupied with babies than footy boots, Moana hasn't ruled out returning to the sport one day.
"In my professional life, I would like to get into commentary for footy," she says. "Potentially down the track, coaching... but right now I've got to take care of the family."

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