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Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom share MORE exciting baby news following the arrival of their first child

The baby joy continues!

By Maddison Hockey
Australian Survivor star Moana Hope and wife Isabella Carlstrom are absolutely smitten over their newborn daughter, Svea Hope Carlstrom.
The new parents welcomed the bub – their first together – just last month. And they've been in a state of baby bliss ever since.
So much so, it appears they're already planning baby number two!
Isabella gave birth to baby Svea just last month. (Instagram)
Moana and Isabella have revealed they're hoping to conceive via IVF once again in 2021.
"I am the one who is going to get pregnant next," Moana told the Sun Herald.
"We are going to start trying mid next year through Monash IVF.
"We are going to have the same donor for all babies, I say all babies because we plan on having three and Belle will do the third."
Moana plans to carry their next baby. (Instagram)
Speaking to Who in 2019 when the couple revealed they were trying for their first child, they also shared a similar plan about their future family.
"Some people are like 'Ooh, I don't want to jinx it' but I'm just throwing all my positivity out there and letting my body do it," Isabella said of talking about IVF.
She then went on to add that she was planning on carrying their first child, Svea, followed by Moana with their second.
"Mo is going to do the second one –maybe end of next year if we're not too exhausted! I want to carry at least two, Mo wants to carry at least one."
In total the AFLW star added they were hoping for "three or four" kids.

Taking to Instagram last month, new mum Moana announced the exciting news of Svea's arrival with a sweet close-up of their newborn's hand.
"My heart is full ❤️ @isabellasofiacarlstrom," she captioned the snap.
The AFL and reality star has been head over heels for her adorable daughter, recently sharing: "Completely love this Queen with all my heart. The minutes we spend together is never enough. Don't grow up to fast, but I also can't wait to kick a footy with you. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧💕"

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