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Miranda Kerr spills on how she co-parents with ex-husband Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

The Aussie model reveals how she and her ex get along.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Years before Orlando Bloom started his on-and-off-again romance with new girlfriend Katy Perry, he was a doting husband to Australia's top model export, Miranda Kerr.
The couple were married for three years and share a gorgeous son together, eight-year-old Flynn, but they split in 2013.
Now they've both well and truly moved on: Orlando is loved up with pop star Katy and Miranda has moved on with Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel.
The couple have a son together, Hart Spiegel, and in March they announced Miranda was expecting her second child with Spiegel, just 10 months after she gave birth to baby Hart.
But until now, we've never really known much about how much Miranda and Orlando still have to do with each other.
The 36-year-old former Victoria's Secret model has just opened up about her two sons, as well as her relationship with her ex, in a brand new interview, giving us some very interesting insights into how the former spouses get along.
Miranda opened up about her ex Orlando Bloom's relationship with Katy Perry. (Image: Getty Images)
She also explained how the dynamic works between her two sons.
Despite having different fathers, Miranda says that Flynn and Hart get along like a house on fire.
"He absolutely adores his little brother. They just light up, they light up when they see each other. It's so sweet to see that interaction and Flynn is a very hands-on, helpful big brother. He's very excited about the new arrival," Miranda told Channel Seven's The Morning Show on Tuesday.
"He just said to me, I spoke to him about this morning, and he said 'it means more love'," Miranda said.
Evan and Miranda are expecting their second child together at the end of this year. (Image: Getty Images)
And speaking about her famous actor ex, Miranda says she is "really grateful" for the relationship she has with Orlando and Katy.
"We really do get along so well," Miranda revealed, adding that they all work hard to coordinate their schedules around Flynn.
"We all have Flynn's best interests at heart, in the interests of our family as a whole. And we just worked together to work it out … I'm very happy. It may not have worked out that way, but I'm really happy and feel very blessed that it has."
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Miranda and Evan had an unusual start to their relationship, because they didn't have sex before they were married.
Despite Miranda already having a child, she said Evan was very traditional and wanted to wait until marriage to have sex.
In an interview with The Times in 2017, Miranda explained: "I don't [use birth control]."
At the time, she revealed she wasn't planning on having another child anytime soon: "Not yet. Not until after we get married. My partner is very traditional. We can't... I mean, we're just... waiting."
Miranda, who is seven years older than Evan, met the billionaire when he was just 26 years old and they were seated next to one another at a Louis Vuitton dinner in 2014.
"I was like, 'He's cute... but he's way too young to take anything seriously'," Miranda said of her first impression of Evan.
Guess he managed to convince her otherwise!

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