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This sassy two-year-old is ripping into life’s BS and we can't stop laughing

From being sat next to “Chatty Kathy” and dissing her mum’s expensive moisturiser for not giving her that “glow”, there's a lot we can all learn from little Mila.

By Ellie McDonald
Everyone, meet Mila Stauffer: the too-funny toddler tearing shreds off all the BS life throws at her/us on a regular basis.
Yep, even though what she says sometimes makes us cringe ever so slightly, this toddler’s hilarious Instagram tyranny actually hits closer to home for us adults more than she probably ever intended.
(As she so puts it, she is only two after all…)
This little girl may struggle enunciating her Rs and has real beef with her older brother, Charles, we can’t help but notice that (most of) her sassy quips speak directly to our tired adult souls – and we’ve got the ridiculously hilarious videos to prove it.
Don’t believe us? Just watch – with your sound turned ON.

Like that time she got stuck in a ridiculously long airport security line

Like that time she confessed to not getting hashtags (and, to be honest, neither do we)

Like that time her brothers went back to school and she got the house to herself (AKA every parent’s dream)

Like that time she, err, upgraded to a fancy new moisturiser and it didn’t do the job

Like that time she raided the fridge for a snack (read: this is all of us after a big night out…)

Like that time she was sweating in her house at 10pm at night because it’s too damn hot

Like that time she got stuck sitting next to “Chatty Kathy” (soz, Kathy)

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