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"One very sick little girl..." Michael and Kyly Clarke's daughter's hospital scare

Get well soon, sweet Kelsey Lee!

By Ellie McDonald
There's nothing quite as worrying as that heart-stopping feeling knowing your little one is sick enough to be taken to hospital – something doting parents Michael and Kyly Clarke now know all too well.
In a new Instagram post, cricket legend Michael posted a sombre picture of his wife, Kyly, and their little girl, Kelsey Lee, lying in a hospital bed. The 36-year-old then captioned the picture: "It's not all rainbows and butterflies. One very sick little girl and one very worried Mumma."

fretting father from sharing his concerns over his daughter's health with his 650K-plus Instagram followers.So, how did they respond? With the utmost sympathy, and empathy, that any parent going through something similar to this would appreciate…
"Kelsey Lee you are a strong little girl," one fan wrote. "I'm sure with lots of cuddles you will be better in no time. Get well soon."
Another wrote: "Nothing worse than when your beloved is so unwell."
And the comments of support kept flowing in…
"Makes you feel so helpless when little ones are sick."
"Very scary when it's your little one. Best wishes to all of you."
"Get well soon!!! Wishes from India."

Kelsey Lee's mystery illness had Kyly and Michael understandably worried sick.
Michael is not one to shy away from waxing lyrical about his love for his "little princess" and has even said in the past that he refers to himself as Daddy Day Care.
"I'm there. I'm changing nappies, I'm holding bottles. Daddy Day Care, here I am!"
Here's to a speedy recovery, Kelsey Lee!
Kelsey Lee - as a cute as a button!