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Melissa Rawson’s twins Tate and Levi just reached a new milestone, and they look more identical than ever

''I’m having trouble telling them apart!''

By Faye Couros
Melissa Rawson's twin boys Tate and Levi aren't identical, but they may as well be - even their mother is struggling to tell them apart!
The former Married At First Sight contestant shared a picture of the babies, who were born 10 weeks early, hitting a significant milestone.
"My gorgeous little boys sitting up for the first time in their rocking chair. They're getting stronger every day!" Melissa wrote.
"Also, for non-identical twins, even I'm having trouble telling them apart!"
Even Mel admits she can't tell her twins apart. (Image: Instagram)
Melissa's comment section was flooded with supportive messages and comments about how similar the brothers are.
Former Bachelor In Paradise star Jessica Brody commented, "They're growing so quick!"
A fan wrote, "They are definitely identical! I'd definitely be getting them genetically tested as DCDA twins can still be identical if the embryo split early on ❤️."
A third penned: "Omg I thought they were identical in that first photo! How do you tell them apart usually? 💙."
Levi and Tate, who were born 10 weeks early, are sitting up. (Image: Instagram)
New mum Mel often shares honest updates about parenting newborns on her Instagram. In January, she shared a detailed post about feeling "like an absolute champion" and "a total failure."
"The sleepless nights turn into sleepless days. You become forgetful, distant… and wonder to yourself, "when will this get easier?" she wrote alongside a snap of her bottle-feeding Tate and Levi at the same time.
"That first coffee in the morning, after your little one has kept you awake all night, feels like the only friend that can help you get through the day."
Mel also wrote about letting go of home cooked meals and a tidy house.
"Home cooked meals are minimal or non existent. Takeaway becomes the only option as you stare down the barrel of another sleepless night ahead.
The Married At First Sight alum keeps it real when it comes to her parenting updates. (Image: Instagram)
"As the sun begins to set, you realise that you haven't stepped outside your house in days. But you don't feel bad, you feel safe hiding behind those four walls," she penned.
"The dirty clothes basket is overflowing and those that are clean become obstacles around the house.
"What was once a tidy home, is now littered with bottles, bibs and nappies. Another reason why you hardly allow people to come over."