The simple parenting trick that Meghan and Harry have already nailed

The royal parents-to-be have been snapped practising it so many times!

By Ruth Devine
They may not be becoming parents until April (if what Missy Higgins said after she met the royal couple when they visited Sydney recently is anything to go by, not to mention the clue eagle-eyed royal watchers have spotted in the rings Meghan's been wearing) but one thing's for certain, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have got an important part of parenting successfully down pat.
And it all comes down to one thing. Giving someone your undivided attention.
Be it getting down to the same level as a shy child who, all shiny-shoed and tongue-tied as they present a posy to the royal pair in front of the world's press needs reassurance, cuddling a war widow on Sydney's Harbour Bridge or, in the case of the indomitable Daphne snagging both eye contact and a hug on her most recent encounter with her red-haired royal beau, Meghan and Harry are living, walking, hugging proof of the need for human contact.
Such understanding of the human psyche may have come from seeing how Prince Harry's big brother, William and Duchess Catherine interact with their children.
The Duchess of Cambridge spoke only yesterday about the importance of hugging their children but judging by all the times Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have been snapped crouching down to look a child in the eye, enveloping strangers in a hug or throwing an arm around the shoulders of someone in need of a cuddle, the parents-to-be don't need any instruction when it comes to showing love and affection.
WATCH: Duchess Meghan reassures a shy school boy in the sweetest way.
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From the moment the Duchess first stepped out with Prince Harry, she's been pictured showing just how huge-hearted she is and on the couple's Royal Tour of Australia and the South Pacific, Prince Harry joined in with the pair throwing royal caution to the wind and breaking protocol time and time again to give fans what they needed: their time and attention.
There's no denying that when it comes to the newest royal baby to join The Firm in the Northern Hemisphere's Spring next year, the new parents will be able to employ this most simple of parenting tricks to make their bub feel just the way every other parent the world over wants their child to feel: cherished and loved.
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