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Meghan Markle reportedly had a "pregnancy contract" with her first husband, and it was royally demanding

A shock new report claims the now-Duchess was acting like a Princess long before she became a royal.

Meghan Markle hasn't been shy of showing her maternal side of late following her big pregnancy announcement - the multitude of times she's been snapped cradling her baby bump is evidence enough.
But in a slightly unexpected twist, it turns out the Duchess hasn't always been dead-set on embracing mum-life in full.
In fact, explosive new allegations alleged that Meghan went as far as to create a "pregnancy contract" with her first husband that would enable her to continue her life as a successful actress by paying for many of the usual parenthood stresses to simply go away.
Royal baby on board! While she's pregnant with her first child now, babies were on the cards during her first marriage to producer Trevor Engelson. (Image: Getty)
When the now 37-year-old was married to her first husband, Trevor Engelson, the up-and-coming brunette was no doubt a career-focused woman.
But according to the Daily Mail, she was so concerned with her status as a celebrity that she made Trevor agree to an alleged "pregnancy contract" that demanded he pay for a personal trainer and nutritionist to help her stay in celeb-worthy shape if she became pregnant.
The report claims contract also outlined that Trevor would help pay for a nanny and childcare services.
An explosive new report claims Meghan made a "pregnancy contract" with her former husband, Trevor Engelson. (Image: Getty)
A "close friend" of Meghan's told Daily Mail that the former Suits actress was concerned about her body changing if she became pregnant, which sparked her to take action.
"She knows the heavy-weighted body-type runs in her family and has always been terrified of putting on extra pounds, particularly given her career at the time," the source explained.
"Anytime she puts on a bit of weight, it shows on her face, so she wanted to make sure she would be camera-ready very quickly."
She added: "Meghan may have only just joined the Royal Family, but she always wanted to be treated like a princess."
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It is understood no lawyers were involved in the agreement between Meghan and Trevor - the agreement was an informal document penned by Meghan herself and signed by her then-husband, the Mail claims.
Markle's friend said the Duchess was deadly serious about the agreement, and Trevor couldn't help but be obliging.
"You know what they say - happy wife, happy life. He knew he married someone who was very concerned about her image, and at times very insecure about her body, so he just went along with it."
"She wouldn't have taken 'no' for an answer and he knew it."
The pair were married in 2011, but their relationship became strained when Meghan began filming Suits in Toronto while Trevor remained in LA.
Their long-distance marriage came to an end in 2013 with "irreconcilable differences" being cited in their divorce papers.
The pair never ended up having children together and Meghan is yet to address these wild allegations.
The pair ended their marriage in 2013. (Image: Getty)
Now, the Duchesses image is largely squeaky-clean as she embraces life as a royal. Meanwhile her former husband Trevor has also moved on, having married nutritionist Tracey Kurland earlier in the month.
This turn from royally perfect events comes after another shocking revelation that Prince Harry had a full-blown meltdown ahead of his wedding to Meghan in May this year.
Royal biographer Robert Jobson has penned a tell-all book on the royals called Charles At Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes And Dreams, which revealed that Harry was "petulant and short-tempered" with members of staff in the lead up to his wedding.
In fact, Harry was even known to raise his voice and say: "What Meghan wants, she gets."
Harry was reportedly short-tempered ahead of his wedding to Meghan in May. (Image: Getty)
The couple were also reportedly so stressed about their wedding that they booked an acupuncturist named Ross Barr, who has been known to service a number of celebrities.
Given even the most minute details of their wedding were surveyed and scrutinised by millions of people across the world, it's no wonder the pair were feeling stressed ahead of the nuptials. However, the biography indicated that both Harry and William could be unpredictable with their moods.
"In that aspect of their nature, both princes are very much like their mother," one close source confirmed.
"They both have quite extreme mood swings, just as Diana did. She could be your best friend one minute and the next your worst enemy," another former courtier also said.