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Laura Byrne just dropped a huge hint about when she and Matty J will welcome another child

Do we hear the pitter patter of a third baby's feet?

By Maddison Leach
Will Laura Byrne and Matty J add any more children to their growing brood? Well, it depends on what time of day you ask them.
The former Bachelor couple currently share daughters Marlie-Mae and Lola and the tots regularly make adorable appearances on their social media pages.
Both Laura and Matty dote on their little girls constantly, prompting one fan to ask Laura on Instagram about their plans for more children.
"Do you think you will have another baby? I think you should, your girls are too cute!!" they wrote to the 37-year-old mum.
Laura Byrne with Matty J and their two children. (Instagram)
In her typically relatable fashion, Laura answered honestly and revealed that having two young kids sometimes made her wary about adding a third to the family.
"Depends on the day… actually, depends on the exact moment of the day," she confessed in an Instagram Story.
"If you ask me post-toddler meltdown I'd say no… all other times it's a YES!!"
It sounds like Laura is definitely keen on welcoming a third child, but given how often toddlers like Marlie-Mae have meltdowns, it may not be for a while yet.
Laura revealed in another Story that her one-year-old regularly throws tantrums when she doesn't get all of her mum's attention; an experience so many parents can relate to.
She said that she put up an Instagram Story inviting fans to ask her questions, "and then I didn't answer any of them because I remembered I have a toddler."
Laura continued: "And every single time I've got my phone in my hand she screams because she doesn't like the fact that she doesn't get 100 per cent of the attention."
Honestly, we've all been there! But just quietly, we do hope Laura and Matty decide to add a third bundle of joy to their growing family.
Matty J snuggles up with their youngest daughter, Lola. (Instagram)
The couple were set to get married last month but had to postpone their nuptials due to the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions and lockdowns in Sydney.
Though the loved-up pair, who met on The Bachelor, were unable to walk down the aisle and say their "I do's", they're still as smitten as ever.
In fact, Laura shared a cute insight into their relationship and home life on her Instagram Stories when a fan asked a pointed question about Matty's Pinterest account.
The unnamed fan asked what Laura would do if she discovered her husband-to-be was looking at photos of women in lingerie and bikinis on the platform.
But Laura said she had nothing to worry about, Matty explaining to the camera: "My Pinterest account is full of kitchen inspo, laundry inspo – it's all just house inspo."
Laura chimed in to add that any time she caught Matty staring intently at his phone it was because he was watching construction videos, not other women.
"Show me that sexy laundry," she laughed and joked as Matty flipped his phone around to show his account full of photos he had collected of beautiful home interiors.
Could these two be any more down-to-earth?
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