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Yummy Mummies' Lorinska Merrington is owning motherhood the second time around and we're here for it!

''Messier and harder than I imagined''

By Rebel Wylie
She's one of the stand-out stars of Netflix' cult reality show, Yummy Mummies, a mum to two beautiful girls as well as a successful entrepreneur and we really can't get enough of Lorinska Merrington.
She might have just had her second baby, Florence in April, but that hasn't stopped Merrington launching her new BUB App, which In the skyrocketed to #1 on the medical App Store chart in the very first week.
And while the 34-year-old reality star might make 'having it all' look glamorous, she's the first to admit that it's not always easy.

A candid Instagram share this week drew both support and controversy for the Melbourne-based mum.
In the image, Merrington is seen taking a selfie while using a breast pump to express while in full glam and wearing a Cappellazzo Couture ball gown.
While many were quick to praise the candid glimpse into the reality of motherhood, others voiced their concern that an image like be shared at all.
"OMG is this the level social media has got too?" wrote one commenter.
"This is completely unnecessary," shared another.
"I'm all for breastfeeding in public but some things don't need to be plastered on social media. Take the photo, sure, but keep it private," yet another added.
But for most of Merrington's supporters, it was pure love for her stand in removing the stigma of breastfeeding.
In captioning the post, Merrington got real about the realities of 'having it all', writing: "It's been messier and harder than I imagined, I embarked on my journey in motherhood for the second time and entrepreneurship simultaneously.
"But I can say both experiences have been the most rewarding and fulfilling."
The co-founder of the BUB app also went on to share five tips for other mothers who might be struggling to successfully balance a career and family life, including: "Sometimes your won't have all the answers and better for you, as you'll stay humble and curious asking questions along the way,"
Glamorous mum-of-two, Yummy Mummies star Lorinska Merrington has shared her tips for balancing work and family life with her fans. (Image: BUB App)
Merrington is married to former AFL star, Andrew Merrington, and the pair share two children together, Lady Penelope and Florence Jane. But Merrington's most recent baby is for sure the new app.
Launched in Jylu this year, Merrington's BUB app is a digital guide and community forum covering and discussing all things pregnancy. Created in collaboration with accredited midwives, nurses and qualified professionals, BUB promises to have all the information you need for your new-born coming into the world.
As well as a keepsake journal and personalised appointment calendar, BUB provides useful tools such as a 'Contraction Timer', 'Stages of Labour' guide and 'Birth Preferences' checklist. 'Partner Mode', a favoured feature of the app, provides advice enabling you to share your pregnancy experience with your significant other.
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"The journey from conception to having your baby and beyond can be one of life's most exciting but equally as stressful experiences you will ever have – bringing with it a range of emotions. What's important during this time is to have support, to feel supported," says Merrington.
"This is why we needed to develop BUB - to help alleviate your anxiety and for you to feel supported, for you to seek advice when necessary, to have feedback when feedback is often minimal, to get perspective and of course to connect with other new mothers from around the world."
Lorinska Merrington's BUB App skyrocketed to #1 on the medical App Store chart in the first week. (Image: Supplied)
Herrington gave birth to second daughter Florence Jane in April, sharing online at the time: "She made a speedy entrance and is tiny compared to Lady P."