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Lindy Klim on life after Michael and the joy of her first baby with new beau Adam

The Balinese-beauty is doing all the things she swore she wouldn't after her marriage ended.

By Bettina Tyrrell
When it comes to children, model and entrepreneur Lindy Klim has been there, done that – times three! But since meeting her property developer beau, Adam Ellis, her life has had a major shake-up and the things she swore she never do again, she’s doing wholeheartedly.
"I was so done and dusted with three kids,” Lindy recently told Stellar magazine.
"But Adam doesn’t have children so we thought having one together would complete our family. Adam has been so amazing with the kids - we thought it’d be nice to see what a miniature Adam would look like."

Early this year Lindy took to Instagram to confirm the couple's exciting news, debuting her baby bump in a snap that showed six-year-old daughter Frankie planting a smooch on her bikini-clad mum’s growing belly.
The caption that accompanied the sweet shot read, "My baby kissing my baby ❤."

The Balinese-born beauty, who is about 31 weeks pregnant, shares three children with her former husband, Olympic Swimmer Micheal Klim. The couple married in 2006, and officially split in February 2016.
A statement at the time read: "It is with much respect for each other that Michael and Lindy Klim have agreed to formally separate, believing that this decision is best for their family.”
Seemingly one month after the announcement, Lindy was with her British partner Adam who then proposed to the model in October. Lindy agrees that the romance has been a whirlwind, but with her 40th birthday approaching, the couple couldn't afford to waist time if they wanted to have a child together.
Both Lindy and Michael have moved on to new relationships, however it was reported that tensions were high between the former-couple and Lindy was even accused of creating a fake Instagram account to troll Michael's new partner, fashion designer Desiree Deravi.

Perhaps it’s Lindy’s past relationship turmoil that has inspired the new couple to seek counselling as a precautionary step. "It’s nice to bounce off thoughts with someone else," Lindy said to Stellar. "It’s pre-emptive; I didn’t want to get to the point where we needed help."
And although the couple are happily in love, they’ve already talked about possible endings their relationship could have. Lindy said she and Adam have learnt that "conscious uncoupling" is a good thing.
"Even if we fail, at least we’re trying our best," Adam added.

As well as not planning more children, the model had also vowed never to marry again. But the tables turned when she met Adam, with Lindy saying that she realised she wanted to marry him so their family could be complete.
The couple are planning an intimate wedding, set for early next year. And while the guess list may be small, the affair certainly won’t be. Lindy envisions a European ceremony in a sumptuous destination such as the South of France or Italy’s Lake Como. She’s dreaming of a dress by designer friend Toni Maticevski with matching outfits for everyone in the party. Her inspiration?
"I’m thinking something that looks like a Dolce & Gabbana campaign — all styled and completely immaculate."
We cannot wait to see those wedding pics!