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Lauren Brant reveals heartbreaking postpartum admission

''I did not expect to be so heartbroken all over again.''

By Anita Lyons
Lauren Brant is usually your happy go-lucky TV personality, who's infectious nature transcends through her Instagram.
However, just a few days after giving birth to her, and her partner Barry Hall's second son, Houston, she is sharing her tears and heartache.
Taking to her Instagram story on Wednesday, the 30-year-old shared a raw and moving post, outlining the pain she is feeling now that her parents have left her Melbourne home to go back to where they live on the Gold Coast.
"It was the hardest moment of my life moving away from my family on the Gold Coast. Taking Miller away from his cousins and family who he loves so much.
"I did not expect to be so heartbroken all over again that they had to leave," she continued.
"It feels like having 2 children makes the pain twice as bad...[sic]"
"I did not expect to be so heartbroken all over again that they had to leave," Lauren said. (Source: Instagram/laurenbrant)
Lauren then went on to say that she "tries so hard to just be thankful for the relationship" that she has with her parents, and how wonderful they are with her children.
"But today - I just can't seem to shift into that mindset. I'm just sad. I was worried it'd feel this way after having to move our whole lives and having a second baby, with my support network... and it's as sad as I thought it be! If not worse..."
The words were accompanied by a powerful black and white photo of a heartbroken Lauren and we could not applaud her more.
Lauren and parents are very close. (Source: Instagram/laurenbrant)
On Friday, the former Hi-5 star and her husband, whom she met on the set of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! in 2015, welcomed their second son.
Announcing his arrival on Instagram, she wrote:
"Wow... that was incredible, surreal, painful, amazing, intense & completely enlightening!" she said. "Barry & I welcomed our new addition to the family yesterday! Our gorgeous son Houston Brant Hall 💙 We are so immensely in love!"
Then on Saturday, older brother, Miller, was introduced to the newest family in a set of sweet photographs and video - and as you could imagine, it was absolutely gorgeous! (See the gorgeous moment in the video above)
Captioning the beautiful video, she wrote: "Our hearts are so full 💙 this moment was everything."
Family hug! (Source: Instagram/laurenbrant)
Barry, Lauren and their little boy, Houston. (Source: Instagram/laurenbrant)
Lauren has always been very open and honest about life as a mum - and her post about Miller was no exception.
"We told Miller that he must play & act 'nicely' with Houston! Miller doesn't breastfeed anymore, but he is still obsessed with holding my boobs. So when he saw Houston feeding, he came over and said — 'My turn now, go away bubba... nicely."
Congratulations to the happy family!
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