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Lauren Brant and Barry Hall share deeply personal video as she reflects on the birth of her second child

''By the time the contractions started, I was very much in the zone.''

By Anita Lyons
TV personality Lauren Brant has shared a deeply personal video to her Instagram, detailing the birth of her second child, Houston.
In the video, the former Hi-5 star is in the throws of labour, while fiance, former AFL star, Barry Hall, remains calm and supportive.
Watch the video in the player above!
The caption, which accompanied the post, saw Lauren reflecting on her "spiritual journey" after not being "in control the first time round", with son Miller, two.
"I didn't feel Barry and I understood every aspect of what was happening emotionally, physically or spiritually,' she wrote.
"Although it was the most incredible moment of our lives meeting our firstborn, I (for some reason) longed to feel more enlightened from the whole experience the second time round, and it was so important to me that Barry and I partnered on this."
Working with a doula, the couple learned more about the "primitive instincts" of childbirth. She taught them "about the incredible journey that is 'birth'" as well as "massage, pressure points, breathing and other techniques to aid in a calm & beautiful experience".
Lauren also detailed how they prepared for the birth by listening to "birthing related affirmations and meditations at night", really tuning into her "mind, body and baby leading up to the birth."
"By the time the contractions started I was very much in the 'zone.' When we arrived in our birthing suite, Barry set up my salt lamp and put on some calming music he knows I like... From then, we danced! We danced for hours.
"A dance of the most deeply connected and energised teamwork... we 'so naturally' found the movements and touch which worked for us & our baby - to enter the world at the right time in the most calm way.
When the moment came for the birth, Barry knelt beside his partner, with his "soothing & supportive voice" in her ear and then they "sobbed tears of love, joy & enlightenment as individuals and as a couple when we met Houston and sealed our spiritual achievement with the most magical kiss!"
Wow! Sounds incredible, Lauren!
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Story continues after the video...
"There was honestly so many feelings physically and emotional going on underneath what seems so simple in this video. I love my man & I truly believe the universe brought us together 💙," Lauren concluded the post.
Lauren has always been an honest "mummy blogger", sharing her journey to motherhood and beyond on Instagram.
Taking to her story last month, the 30-year-old shared a raw and moving post, outlining the pain she was feeling when her parents have left her Melbourne home to go back to where they live on the Gold Coast after Houston was born.
"It was the hardest moment of my life moving away from my family on the Gold Coast. Taking Miller away from his cousins and family who he loves so much.
"I did not expect to be so heartbroken all over again that they had to leave," she continued.
"It feels like having 2 children makes the pain twice as bad...[sic]"
Barry, Lauren and their sons, Miller and Houston. (Source: Instagram/Lauren Brant)
Lauren then went on to say that she "tries so hard to just be thankful for the relationship" that she has with her parents, and how wonderful they are with her children.
"But today - I just can't seem to shift into that mindset. I'm just sad. I was worried it'd feel this way after having to move our whole lives and having a second baby, with my support network... and it's as sad as I thought it be! If not worse..."
The words were accompanied by a powerful black and white photo of a heartbroken Lauren and we could not applaud her more.
Lauren Brant's raw and emotional post. (Source: Lauren Brant)
Lauren and Barry welcomed their second son, Houston, on 23 May 2019, who is brother to Miller Hall (born in November 2015).

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