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Lauren Brant and Barry Hall announce their exciting baby news after revealing they secretly wed this year

''We have always put faith in our stars aligning.''

By Faye Couros
In an emotional appearance on A Current Affair, former AFL star Barry Hall and Hi-5 performer Lauren Brant confirmed they secretly wed in February and that they are expecting their third child.
The couple revealed the wedding took place so Barry's terminally ill sister, Sandra, 41, could witness the monumental occasion.
The ceremony heartbreakingly occurred two weeks before Sandra passed away on March 4 after battling stage four bowel cancer for a second time.

In the interview, Lauren explained that it was her dream to have Sandra as her maid of honour, which they were able to make a reality.
"Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed about getting married and there were three things I knew for certain - there would be me, my mum, and my sister as my maid of honour. So... will you be my maid of honour?," Lauren told ACA.
The couple who have been together for five years also announced that they found out they were expecting their third child before Sandra passed.
Lauren and Barry are already parents to two sons Houston, two, and Miller, four.
This morning they made the news official on their Instagram with a beautifully shot picture of the family and a closeup of the sonogram.
Lauren paired the intimate shots with a heartfelt caption.
Lauren and Barry on their wedding day. Instagram
"We have always put faith in our stars aligning & surrendered to the timing of universe," she began.
"Welcoming the newest Master Hall, October 2021 💙.
"The world needs more confident, kind, empathetic, beautiful men and we believe that's why we have been blessed with a third to guide & love unconditionally.
"Barry, Miller, Houston and I are already so lovingly invested in this next chapter," penned Lauren.
The couple's third child is due in October 2021.
As expected, Lauren's comment section filled up with well wishes and congratulations from fans.
Lauren and Sandra as Maid of Honour. Instagram
One fan wrote, "OOOOH congratulations!!! 😍🙌❤️ over the moon for you guys, that's amazing 😍🙌❤️ xx."
Another commented, "Congratulations. I have 3 boys. It's the best 🙌😍."
Lauren also shared some gorgeous pictures from her wedding day, and she captioned the photos with a message aptly about love and finding the light within the dark.
"In amidst the twilight of heartache, hopelessness and suffering…
"We found the purest joy, a transformational discovery.
February 17, 2021." Wrote Lauren.
The mother of two continued to reminisce on what love means to her and paid tribute to her maid of honour, Sandra.
"We found the purest joy, a transformational discovery." Instagram
Watch the sweet videos from Lauren and Barry's wedding day.
"Barry and I married, completely engulfed in [nothing but] LOVE 🤍 A moment so true, time stood still - souls together, silently understanding that LOVE is transcendental. That it is all that matters and all we have.
"From this place - our marriage will be lead and cherished. May our Angel Sandra, rest in peace - as we always remember her joy in celebrating us - as the Maid of Honour🌻🕊.
"Mr & Mrs Hall," she penned.