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Lachy Wiggle’s fiancée Dana Stephensen gushes over the sweet bond he shares with their twin daughters

''This way to the Stage Daddy.''

By Faye Couros
Lachy Gillespie, more commonly known as the Purple Wiggle, is the ultimate doting dad and his fiancée Dana Stephensen has sweetly gushed over his relationship with their twin 18-month-old daughters, Lulu and Lottie.
Alongside a slew of behind-the-scenes pictures from his Wiggle's concert, the dancer and proud mum reflected on the night in her caption on Instagram.
She began her tribute by revealing their girls follow their dad wherever he went backstage.
Lachy's twin girls followed their dad around all night. (Image: Instagram)
"This way to the Stage Daddy… always such a special day watching our beautiful girls light up at The Wiggles concert. Not even a mostly sleepless night could stop us 😴 There was certainly more running amok this year, and there was a gallant effort to make it up the stairs and onto the stage," she wrote.
Dana gushed that next year may even pose a bigger challenge.
"Next year, I'm not sure I will be able to stop them!"
Finally, she praised Lachy for his incredible work and artistry, "Such a treasured time watching @lachy_wiggle perform and being a part of a whole stadium of people, some older and some younger, totally engaged and swept up in such positive energy in the room. And we all need more of that. Thank you Wiggles! 💜💛❤️💙."
Dana had cutely dressed Lulu and Lottie in matching pinafores and sandals, with their hair propped into mini pigtails.
The backstage shots of the girls holding Lachy's hands, climbing up the stage stairs and playing with Wiggle's balloons was too precious, and fans were enamoured by the post.
"Next year, I'm not sure I will be able to stop them!" (Image: Instagram)
In Dana's comment section, one fan wrote, "What lucky little girls, I can only imagine they would have loved it and been so proud of their daddy."
Another commented, "Wishing you all lots of love, Dana and these sweet moments with your beautiful family."
In September 2020, Lachy welcomed his twins six months after proposing in April, and he announced the news via Instagram.
"You can't really prepared." (Image: Instagram)
"Oh Lulu and Lottie, your mummy and daddy love you with all we have - you are both so beautiful - and I would love to sing to you both forever......... 🌈💜💜🌈."
In 2021, the Purple Wiggle spoke to Now To Love about parenting, and revealed, "It just goes so fast – they're already one, where did that go? [Fatherhood] kind of does just hit you, you can't really prepared."