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Kyly Clarke documents her daughter's fifth birthday shopping spree, and it's a sight to behold

Just a spot of shopping...

By Jess Pullar
It seems like only yesterday Kyly Clarke and her former husband Michael Clarke welcomed their adorable baby girl, Kelsey Lee, to the world.
But to say she's growing up in the blink of an eye is an understatement - the smiley tot is celebrating her fifth birthday already, and she's doing it in true style.
Sharing a series of snaps and videos to her Instagram story on Monday, Kyly documented her daughter's shopping extravaganza for her following, and it looks like Kelsey Lee is already proving she's got her mother's shopping prowess.
Kyly explained the context to the lavish shopping trip: "The deal was, as per what Kelsey Lee saw on YouTube, 'Mum, whatever I carry to the check out can I have, just for this birthday?'"
Kyly said yes to the arrangement (we need to take a leaf out of Kelsey Lee's bargaining book by the looks of things) and thus began a shopping extravaganza.
Kyly shared this sweet snap to her Instagram. (Instagram)
Kelsey Lee proceeded to fill her arms with virtually any and every toy (many of which seemed to be coloured in her favourite hues pink and purple).
Frankly, we're impressed with her dedication - girl can carry a lot.
Off she goes... (Instagram)
Eventually, she made it to the checkout with her arms laden - and her birthday treat was henceforth confirmed a very successful mission.

On her daughter's birthday on Monday, Kyly shared a beautiful carousel of images and a sweet tribute to Kelysee.
"HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY KELSEY LEE. You my little Bella 5 years ago today came into this world, you made my heart skip a beat. You are everything I have ever hoped for in a daughter, your laughter makes every day a joy and your humour is growing," she said.
She added some sweet and light quirks to parenting the youngin: "Your smile lights up my soul and your compassion reminds me how soft people can really be. Your love for gymnastics & how much you enjoy practicing shows me how determined and strong you will be in your older years. Never without a good tantrum here or there, just keeping it real."
The House Rules host ended the message: "Thank you for being part of my life, it's a blessing to be with you on such a special day in your life."