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Kim Kardashian-West is cool with North West wearing a corset and this is why we’re NOT

Sorry, but no.

By Ellie McDonald
It goes without saying that the Kardashian Klan, in all their reality-TV glory, have been embroiled in their fair share of scandals (or seven). However, it’s Kim Kardashian’s latest string of Snapchats that has the internet reeling.
Posting a heap of pictures from her collaboration with kids’ clothing range brand The Kids Supply – pictures of a “neon orange-y” bikini in “this velvet-y fabric” as well as a leopard print and lace slip dress – the 36-year-old mum-of-two has been met with a barrage of criticism from mums across the world (wide web).
(This, teamed with North stepping out in fur slides and a corset on another two separate occasions.)
“Why is she selling a silk, leopard print dress with lace and a velvet bikini on her kids' line," one mum wrote on Twitter, while another added: “It’s a lingerie slip dress. With lace. And a thigh slit. For. A. Child.”
And editor of Mother & Baby Erin Mayo agrees.
“I think I’d have to agree with most of the comments on the internet that the range is age-inappropriate,” Erin explains.
“It’s not the first time we’ve seen kids fashion go a little too far, but a lace-trimmed, leopard print satin dress that is reminiscent of negligee – it’s not something I would put my child in!”
“As for the corset, even though it’s not tight, I’d worry about the message that it’s sending North particularly as we know that the Kardashians have embraced waist training in the past.”
“We’re definitely seeing a trend for ‘twinning’ or dressing your child the same as yourself coming through in fashion, however there are a number of brands who are doing age-appropriate styles that fit this mini-me dressing.”
“In fact, it’s a trend that we’ve embraced in our August/September issue (on sale August 3)… and there’s not a corset or negligee in sight!”
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