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Kim Kardashian sparks parenting controversy after posting new photo of daughter North

Should she or shouldn't she?

By Jess Pullar
Kim Kardashian definitely isn't shy of sparking a debate, and the famed socialite and reality star has managed it once again after sharing a new picture of her daughter North.
At first glance, the image of the mum-of-four and her eldest daughter seems quite harmless, but a number of parents have taken to the comments section to point out something they weren't happy about - a controversial pair of earrings.
In the sweet snap, Kim is seen doing the 'pinky promise' gesture with her 6-year-old daughter.
"Pinky swear we're besties for life!!!" she wrote alongside the pic.
But it seems it wasn't the gesture so much as North's very prominent accessory that's really captured people's attention.
Indeed the daughter of Kim and Kanye West was wearing a rather large pair of hoop earrings.
Kimmy K shared this sweet snap... featuring a very prominent accessory. (Instagram / @KimKardashian)
People did not hold back from making their opinions heard.
"Ok I never say anything bad regarding anyone's kids, but, North has no business wearing hoops that big at what, 6? They're gonna pull on her little holes," one concerned Instagram user wrote.
Another said: "Kim dress your kid according to her age. This is sooo not ok. Hoops seriously?"
Yet another person wrote: "Ok but the hoop is a little excessive."
Kim's comments section was flooded with comments weighing in on the hoop earrings. (Instagram / @KimKardashian)
And while the comments against the hoops came in strong, there were also plenty of people who defended Kim and her daughter's decision for wearing them.
"Y'all do realize she's North's mom and if she allows her to wear hoops oh damn well! Y'all be acting like y'all perfect parents!" wrote one fan.
Meanwhile, another reasoned: "Kim isn't wearing earrings, so I assume she took hers off to let North wear them for fun. She (North) probably asked. Her ear will be fine bc she probably didn't have them on long."
And perhaps the wearing of hoops is simply a family thing, as one fan pointed out: "North is coming for Khloé's hoop game! She's soo adorable!"
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Whether you're team hoops or no hoops, there's no denying the 38-year-old has stirred up plenty of controversy before.
In fact, earlier this year, Kim caused a big stir when she named her new shape wear line Kimono, which many said was cultural appropriation.
Indeed taking the same name as a traditional Japanese robe-like garment, and using it as what seemed to be a pun on her own name seemed a little unthought out from the mum-of-four.
In the end, Kim renamed her entire line to something less controversial - SKIMS Solutionwear.
Kim renamed her shape wear line earlier this year after sparking controversy over it's original title. (Instagram / @Kimkardashian)
Back in 2018, Kim stirred up debate once again when she said her statement braids were credited to Bo Derek from his 1979 film 10.
The style was in fact known as 'Fulani braids' originating in West Africa and the Fula ethnic group.
Perhaps Kim will be vetting her social media posts and comments a little more from here on in...

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