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Kids can call the Easter Bunny this year

If you've ever wanted to call Easter Bunny on the phone for your kids or grandkids, you finally have your chance!

By Jaclyn Anglis
A new smartphone app named Call Easter Bunny allows you to do exactly that leading up to the big holiday — and it's just as adorable as it sounds.
Here's how Call Easter Bunny works: After you download it to your phone, you have the option of having the bunny call your phone immediately by selecting the option "call bunny" on the home page and then hitting "connect now" — which is totally free — or you can reserve a time for the phone to ring and for the Easter Bunny to "call" later — which costs $0.99 as an upgrade to the app.
Either way, though, once you select the green phone icon, you'll be greeted by a sweet voice recording from the app's professional Easter Bunny. In the recording, the bunny says hello to the child, asks what his or her name is, and then gives a sweet explanation of how he'll be leaving goodies for him or her. Parents and grandparents will appreciate that the bunny also reminds the child to keep behaving well in the meantime.
The fun doesn't even have to end after the phone call is over: You have the option of setting a passcode for a special "Parents Only" section on the homepage, where you can go back into the app's recording archive and listen to the sweet exchanges between the kiddos and the bunny over and over again!
We recommend listening to the whole thing alone first, so you know exactly what to expect. It doesn't hurt to practice a few times before letting the kiddos answer the phone, either.
What a fun way to get everyone excited about the holiday!
This post was originally shared on our sister site, Woman's World.