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New mums are posting their post-birth pics following Duchess Catherine’s super-quick hospital stay

Catherine left the Lindo Wing just hours after giving birth to her third child – but not all mothers proclaim that they were able to do the same…

By Ellie McDonald
We all saw/thought it… Duchess Catherine looking as she does most days: blow-dried brunette locks, a royal-approved frock and a brush of blush on her cheeks just hours after giving birth to her little boy (who also happens to be fifth in line to the throne).
Duchess Catherine was in and out of hospital for less than a day.
Well, we weren't the only ones who were slightly stunned by Kate's hospital discharge, with new mums all over the world posting their own post-birth pictures online – and let us tell you, they look a little different to that of Duchess Catherine's.
Exhibit A, B and C…

But that doesn't that these mums aren't on Team Catherine…
"We all know that under that lovely outfit is a nursing bra with pads to keep [Duchess Catherine] from leaking through her clothes along with a flabby after-birth belly tucked into some mesh underwear," @theformer_ntmom wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of her being wheeled out of hospital in a wheelchair.
"You also have the world's largest pad that's covered in some witch-hazel pads and ointment."
"If you're lucky, you get a maxi pad and an icepack to shove in your mesh undies as well."
She then went on to say that before everyone stops to judge the Duchess for jetting out of hospital hours after giving birth to her little boy, think about what's beneath that blow-dry and her seemingly perfect outfit: the same thing as all new mums…
"It's sort of like judging a book by its cover," she continues. "We are all the same on the inside... all post-birth mums are the same under whatever outfit they walk out in."
And we couldn't agree more…

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