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Jules Robinson shares an emotional dedication to her son Oliver as she reflects on his first year

''Now start saying Mummy and Daddy!''

By Faye Couros
The milestones parents experience in their first year with their baby are endless, but there is also so much anticipation for the glorious moments that are still to come.
This notion is one that Married At First Sight alum Jules Robinson knows all too well, and she has taken to her socials to share an emotional testament to parenthood.
The mother-of-one penned a heartfelt ode to her son Oliver to ring in his first birthday on Instagram.

Jules shared a black and white picture of herself holding Ollie while wearing a black dress at a recent photoshoot.
In her caption, she reflected on her first year as a mum by sharing the incredible highs, learning curves, and her anticipation for the future.
"Happy 1st birthday to our beautiful little cub Oliver Chase! We are going to party coco melon style this weekend for you! You will never forget it😂😂 🍉🐞," she began.
"That smile lights up our day, his laughter makes our day, watching him grow and learn is just the most incredible thing in the world, enriching our lives and bringing endless joy is what he does.
"We don't sleep half as much 😂 but every hard, learning curve is worth every part of the happiness that that little man brings #minicam 😂.
"Now start saying Mummy and Daddy Ollie! 😂." Instagram
Finally, she signed off her post with some kind words for her son and his next six months.
"Now start saying Mummy and Daddy Ollie! 😂 and we are so fine if you don't walk for another 6 months just FYI 😂😂 #lookout #eyesinthebackofyourhead#firstbirthday," she finished.
Former MAFS cast member Tracey Jules commented on the post, sharing a celebratory message.
"Happy birthday Ollie! ❤️," she wrote.
Jules and her husband Cam Merchant announced their pregnancy in 2020, a few months after their reality TV dream wedding in November 2019.
Cam and Jules welcomed their first child in 2020. Instagram
The couple shared their baby news with Stellar magazine, and Jules confessed that at 37, she was surprised she fell pregnant quickly.
"I honestly thought it was going to come with a fight," she told the publication
"Because of my age, I had done all the hormone testing, the egg count... so much is instilled that you're going to struggle because of your age."

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