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Jessica Simpson slammed for “inappropriate” photo of daughter Maxwell

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By Katie Skelly
For the second time this week, a Hollywood parent has come under fire for sharing what outraged fans deem to be an unsavoury image on social media.
That’s right; actress Jessica Simpson is facing a barrage of criticism after posting a series of snaps of five year old daughter Maxwell Drew riding a scooter in a two-piece swimsuit.
Captioned “Safety first”, the images have sparked a debate, with followers taking aim at everything from her poses, to her choice of outfit.

“These pictures should be kept private and NOT POSTED to social media. Parents should never post pictures of their children, especially girls, in swimming attire or underwear,” wrote one follower with another adding: “Sorry, but she is too young to be posing like that.”
“Would never let my young daughter act like that, but I guess her mother acts the same way so not her fault,” penned another disgruntled fan. “This pic isn’t for public consumption... Why give perverts sick ideas about your precious child?”
Others, however, have come to the defence of the Blonde Ambition star, arguing that her daughter appears the picture of a normal five-year-old, having fun and playing with her mother.

“To everyone warning Jessica Simpson that people will sexualise her daughter because of this picture, that’s exactly what you’re doing,” called out one commenter.
“She’s a child. See this for what it is. If you’re worried for her safety then teach your kids about consent and discuss how outfits and presentation don’t imply consent to engage in sexual behaviour with anyone.”
“Go judge somewhere else. She is gorgeous and no need for mummy shaming,” added a like-minded fan.

The social media discussion comes just days after David Beckham was criticised for kissing his own five-year-old daughter Harper on the lips.
Much like in Jessica's case, both sides were relentlessly argued by fans with opposing views, but we feel we couldn’t have put it better ourselves when Mother & Baby editor Erin Mayo told us: “This whole issue has been around in the past, where people have sexualised an innocent, sweet moment between a parent and a child.
“I think most parents will admit that they still give their four- or five-year-old a kiss on the lips – I know I do. It’s a kiss - there is nothing sexual about it!
“It’s a shame that something so innocent and natural has been made out to be something tawdry.”