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Jessica Simpson is being mum-shamed (again) for the most ridiculous reason

Who knew hair could be so controversial?

By Paulina Jayne Isaac
Whether you’re raising your kids in or out of the public eye, we can surely all agree that motherhood is no easy feat.
Learning this the hard way is Jessica Simpson, who is receiving parenting backlash for the second time this month.
The mother-of-two recently uploaded an innocent snap of her three-year-old son Ace at a baseball game. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong, apparently.
Mum-shamers immediately began calling out the star for allowing her son have long hair. The criticism continued to roll in as commenters accused the tot of looking "like a girl", and even suggested that he'd be a target of bullies because of his long locks.

Her little boy couldn't have looked cuter, but instead of seeing a toddler enjoying a baseball game with his family, many people just couldn't get past the length of his hair.
One commenter wrote, "I thought that was your daughter. Sorry but he is a boy and needs a cut. What until he goes to school and he will get bullied". Another wrote that it's not the hair that's the issue but the fact that it looks "sloppy".
"Beautiful boy. I don't have a problem with the long hair but I wish she'd care for it. Always looks so dirty and unkempt! She's a multimillionaire — would think her kids wouldn't look so sloppy," the Instagram follower said.

We can't help but find it a little/a lot disheartening that in 2017, a boy with long hair is still viewed as controversial.
One fan expressed this exact sentiment, sticking up for Jessica by writing, "Why is his hair ridiculous? Why is it ridiculous for a boy to have long hair, but OK for you, a woman, to have short hair?"
Quite frankly, we're wondering the same thing.