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Eagle eyed Beyoncé fans are convinced the megastar is expecting baby #4

Is Queen Bey adding to her hive?

By Rebel Wylie
While Beyoncé and husband, Jay-Z shake and sing their way through the European leg of their On The Run II tour, Queen Bey's mega-fans, 'The Beyhive' are on high alert for any sign that might prove the recent pregnancy rumours true.
Bey and Jay already have three children together, 6-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and 1-year-old twins Rumi and Sir, and now rumours have been blowing up that baby number four will soon be joining the Carter clan.
Was that a stumble? Oh, she pregnant.
Is she wearing a cape? Defo up the duff.
Late to stage? Yep, knocked up.
Hand near her stomach? PLAN THE BABY SHOWER ALREADY!
Fresh footage from the tour is being pored over for clues, while the would-be detectives scour the power-couples socials for more evidence that Junior Carter number four is on the way.

Video footage from a recent performance showing Bey with her hand near her tummy at the end of '03 Bonnie & Clyde is remarkably reminiscent of the 2011 VMA belly-rub baby announcement, right?
If that wasn't enough to get the Beyhive buzzing, a series of Instagram post featuring Bey against a wall with the number four has whipped the hive into an absolute frenzy.

In a moment of total buzzkill, CNN reports that the hive needs to calm down, pointing out that the number four has significance to the couple already. Beyoncé's birthday is September 4 and Jay-Z's is December 4, and they both have the number tattooed on their hands. Plus, Blue Ivy's middle name is a play on IV, or four in Roman numerals. Sigh … but, still … pores over tour footage for more signs