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Hilaria Baldwin shares post-baby body photo just 12 days after giving birth "I've just started working out"

She is truly super-human!

By Holly Royce
Just 12 days after giving birth to her fourth child, Hilaria Baldwin has shared a snap of her post-baby body on Instagram.
She and husband Alec Baldwin welcomed their fourth child together, a beautiful baby boy named Romeo, in May and celebrated the news with an adorable picture of the three of them on social media.
The 34-year-old yoga teacher captioned the photo, "He's here! He's perfect! 8lbs 2oz 💛 #wegotthis2018."

Then, straight after giving birth Hilaria revealed last week she was suffering from pneumonia, soon after giving birth to her son Romeo, while her other three children were also ill.
"It's been tough getting our new family of 6 oriented with all of the necessary quarantining," the new Mum shared on Instagram. "The recovery from birth, the beginnings of breastfeeding again, the sleepless nights, taking care of sick toddlers, dr visits, my own health...I just keep on saying 'we got this'."

And now, clearly feeling better, the super mum has posted a picture of herself after her first post-baby work out, and the yoga teacher looks to be snapping back at lightning speed.
It reminds us of her last post-partum selfie in 2016, taken just one day after her third son's birth.

"9 months to 12 days postpartum (I took the photo on the right two days ago)," The 34-year-old starts her caption to the photo.
"Every body is different, but I believe in staying as active as possible. There were so many moments when I didn't want to work out this pregnancy. Showing up is the most difficult challenge. I had to drag myself out and do even a little."
"Consistency helped me so much though...because the body wants attention and wants to be moved. So important for your circulation, your health, your happiness, and for your strength. I just started being able to workout yesterday," she continues.
The new mum shared a picture of herself on her Instagram stories, on her way to a second day of working out after giving birth.
"Slow and steady. Nothing crazy. Each birth is different and your doctor will be able to advise you on when you can begin. When you can, be patient with your body. You have been through so much and created something so precious. Know that day by day, movement by movement, you will regain your strength and feel amazing," she concludes.
While we're strong believers in the 'you do you' mantra, we're also very aware that not everyone is on the same path as the 34-year-old yoga instructor, married to one of Hollywood's most famous actors, and who probably has a wealth of help and time at her disposal.
Want to learn more about what happens to your body when you have a baby? Visit NSW Health's Having A Baby website for more information. Also, book an appointment with your obstetrician to have all your questions answered.