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Why Hamish Blake didn’t make Rudy’s birthday cake

When he has stunned with THESE previous cake creations.

By Fiona Wright
When it comes to cute kids, it's hard to get past Hamish and Zoe Foster Blake's children, Sonny, aged five and Rudy, who celebrated her second birthday over the weekend.
Taking to Instagram, Zoe shared the following adorable snaps from Rudy's birthday celebrations.
"We'll be away for her birthday again so this little captain got a lil' tea party in advance. (Less about her giving a shit or even comprehending it; more about us assuaging our guilt for her brother's overkill 2nd birthday)," wrote Zoe.
Rudy turns two in style - with a tea party and a crocodile cake. @zotheysay/Instagram
Zoe shares an image of Rudy's cake (along with hilarious caption). @zotheysay/Instagram
However, Zoe was also quick to point out that her comedian dad, Hamish did not make Rudy's impressive crocodile cake. But, why mention it?
Oh, only because Hamish has become Instagram famous for the incredible cakes he has pulled off for Sonny's third, fourth and fifth birthdays.
"No, her dad did not make the cake, (obviously – far too static. Also: that circus kicks in age 3) though the green icing staining everything is giving me fierce Slimer flashbacks," Zoe shared to her followers.
Rudy is stoked to be celebrating her second birthday. Cute! @zotheysay/Instagram
So, there you have it. Rudy, it looks like you'll have to wait until next year for your dad to pull out all the stops and make you a cake worthy of your wildest dreams.
Here's a recap of the impressive cakes Hamish has previously whipped up:
For his first cake making attempt, Hamish nails it. @zotheysay/Instagram
For Sonny's third birthday, Hamish made this Mack Truck cake from Disney Cars.
"He made a promise to a boy, and he fulfilled it, and he even pulled off that ludicrous edible-hinge (not pictured) bullshit that had me eye-rolling for Australia. Good dads doing good deeds deserve good talk, so good on you, Hamie Oliver," Zoe captioned the image.
This cake shot slime of it's mouth. Yes, yes it did. @zotheysay/Instagram
Then, for Sonny's fourth birthday, Hamish made a Slimer Ghostbusters cake.
"If your dad says he's gonna make you a Slimer birthday cake that shoots green slime out of its goddamn mouth, then you can't be surprised when it happens. (I can be, though. Two years in a row my husband has pulled off a truly obnoxious cake idea, and no one is more shocked than I am)," posted Zoe.
With a little help from his Lego Masters pal, The Brickman (@mcnaught.ryan), Hamish made a moving dinosaur cake. Wow! @zotheysay/Instagram
Earlier this year, the host of Lego Masters, then created a moving dinosaur cake for Sonny's fifth birthday.
"Tonight we attempt history. For those that have been part of the journey in the past you will know my strategy: hope, procrastination, scotch, some 'Hail Mary's', blind confidence, over spending at the supermarket. Let's do this," Hamish shared to Instagram.
Zoe also praised her husband's incredible cake-making skills.
"I of course salute my sweet birthday boy, but I also wanna salute his dad @hamishblakeshotz, who stayed up til 2am (watch his stories for the journey) and using only hubris, cake, sticky-tape, rice bubbles, marshmallows, tons of icing, optimism, audacity, whisky, and a phenomenal Lego dinosaur frame from Brickman (@mcnaught.ryan), created a cake-ish Velociraptor that roared, snapped its jaws and whipped its tail, as per Sonny's offhand, half-thought out brief.
It was brilliant. So impressive. I would have quit at 'dinosaur'. I especially loved all the other parents thanking him for ruining their kids' expectations forever. That said, I think we can all agree he has reached Peak Cake™, and next year it's an ice cream cake from Maccas."
Yes, the cake bar has been set high, very high. Hamish, good luck for Sonny and Rudy's birthdays next year. And their ones after that.

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