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Hamish Blake just stayed up all night (Yes, again!) to make his daughter Rudy the most epic birthday cake

He honestly deserves a medal for this.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Funnyman Hamish Blake has become famous for creating epic birthday cakes for his eldest child Sonny, six, staying up all night and entertaining his one million followers as he attempts to bake some seriously jaw-dropping creations, all before the big day arrives.
Now as his daughter Rudy celebrates her third birthday today, Hamish has again impressed us all with his cake-baking skills as he made an incredible cake for the youngest child he shares with his wife, Zoe Foster Blake.
Hamish explained that he initially thought he would be creating a "unicorn cake that pooped out glittery little (chocolate) turds", but Rudy had a last-minute change of heart and requested a cake resembling her favourite toy, "Sheepy".
"Tonight I will be making a far less exciting cake, but it's the one she wants and there's no changing her mind. As always, I have very little idea how this will go apart from knowing there will be drinking involved," Hamish joked on Instagram.
Hamish and his wife Zoe with their two kids, Sonny and Rudy. Image: Instagram
Hamish started off his cake extravaganza with a solid base, which he covered in sprinkles and emblazoned with Rudy's name on the side.
Then, he followed that up with making Sheepy's body and head out of cake - and the similarities between the real and cake versions are uncanny.
This would make an awesome cake just on its own! Image: Instagram
Real Sheepy, meet cake Sheepy. Image: Instagram
Hamish stayed up until about 3am making the cake.
At midnight, he posted this update...
There was clearly a lot of whisky drinking involved last night!
"Hello midnight me old mate. No offence, but I do my best work when I'm well past you," Hamish wrote on his Instagram stories. Image: Instagram
Then it was time to get the drill out. Image: Instagram
Turns out the drill was used to create a mechanical moving head on the cake - wild!
Then finally, at about 3am, Hamish posted this photo of his finished product - and it's pretty amazing.
He honestly deserves a medal for this. Image: Instagram
While Hamish has baked epic cakes for his son's birthday for years, this is the first time he's baked one of his marvelous creations for Rudy.
His wife Zoe has previously explained that Hamish's homemade cakes are something he starts making for their kids once they turn three and are old enough to appreciate all the hard work!
She revealed this family tidbit last year on Rudy's second birthday, when her followers asked if Hamish made her wonderful green crocodile cake, which you can squiz in the photos below.
"No, her dad did not make the cake, (obviously – far too static. Also: that circus kicks in age 3) though the green icing staining everything is giving me fierce Slimer flashbacks," Zoe told her followers.
Rudy's second birthday cake, which Hamish did not make. Image: Instagram
So to celebrate Hamish making it through another year of late night cake-baking, we'll leave you with some photos of his most recent birthday cakes for Sonny.
The train he created for Sonny's third birthday. Image: Instagram
The epic green monster. Image: Instagram
Yep, that is a massive chocolate dinosaur. Image: Instagram
Hamish created a cake version of Aladdin's cave for Sonny's sixth birthday. The expression on his face says it all! Image: Instagram
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