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EXCLUSIVE: Proud dad Grant Denyer opens up about his two beautiful daughters

“Both girls are funny, compassionate and thoughtful.”

By Tamara Cullen
2018 might just be Grant Denyer's busiest year yet. With his hosting duties on Family Feud and new radio gig, it can be quite hectic for the 40-year-old, but the TV WEEK Gold Logie nominee is relaxed, healthy and happy.
From his 11-hectare farm near Bathurst in NSW, the presenter opens up about how embracing country life with his wife, Cheryl, and daughters, Sailor, six, and two-year-old Scout, has changed his life.
"Scout is an animal!" Grant laughs. "She's so gorgeous, funny and determined. But she's like a hand grenade with the pin out – she could blow at any moment!"
Meanwhile, Grant and Cheryl, who married in 2010, are busy preparing Sailor for another school year.

"I read to her at night, and watching her ability to absorb and read it back to me is incredibly heartwarming," the proud dad says.
"Both girls are funny, compassionate and thoughtful, so we're on the right track. Whether they end up in jail as an adult is yet to be seen!"
But don't be fooled by the girls' angelic faces. It seems these little daredevils have inherited their father's love of extreme sports.
"The girls just started motorbike riding, so we got them little quad bikes," Grant says.
"But, of course, now they won't go to bed until we've done 80 laps around the house!"

From the outside, the foursome appears inseparable. And for the most part, they are. But in a surprising confession, Grant reveals there's one thing that puts the whole family at odds.
"I hate playing the Family Feud board game," he laughs. "That's because the girls don't play by the rules. They give themselves the top answer, even when it's not on the board!
"It never ends well, even in our house – and I'm the host of the show!"

This year, the father-of-two will become a first-time radio presenter when he joins Em Rusciano and Ed Kavalee in the coveted breakfast timeslot on Sydney's 2Day FM.
"I thought making a thousand Family Feud episodes just isn't quite tiring enough," Grant jokes.
"But it's a philosophy I've had most of my life: bite off more than you can chew and just chew like hell!"
While it's no secret poor ratings have plagued the radio station – "Yep, five shows in five years!" Grant smiles (none of the station's breakfast shows has lasted long) – he insists the only way is up.
"There's no risk, because it can't go backwards," he reasons. "We don't have to be number one – but I'm a competitive little beast!"
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