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SEE: Pop star's best reaction to Gordon Ramsay's baby son crashing their live TV interview

''I want to eat your baby!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
British chef Gordon Ramsay recently welcomed his fifth child with wife Tana, 17 years after the couple's last child was born, and since then the 53-year-old has been treating his nine million Instagram followers to hilariously adorable photos of his perpetually grumpy mini-me son Oscar.
But it's baby Oscar's latest surprise appearance on Gordon's most recent live TV interview that has thrilled fans, with the little one accidentally crashing the chef's video chat with US pop star Kelly Clarkson.
Like many live TV programs, Kelly's daytime talk show has recently gone online, with the Since You've Been Gone singer conducting interviews with stars remotely, via video link.
And Kelly got Gordon on the phone this week to take her through a live cooking demonstration - only for their chat to be adorably interrupted by little Oscar.
Kelly literally couldn't handle the cuteness. Image: YouTube
"Hi chef, how you doing?" Kelly began the interview, before noticing that Oscar had crawled into Gordon's lap.
"Oh my God, do not do this to me ... I so want another child and my husband is like 'No we have four!'" Kelly told Gordon.
"Oh my gosh, so cute ... I know this is a weird statement, but I kind of want to eat your baby. So cute."
Kelly has two young children with her husband Brandon Blackstock and he has another two kids from his first marriage.
Gordon with his lookalike son Oscar. Image: Instagram
Too cute! Image: Instagram
It seems Kelly wasn't the only one obsessed with baby Oscar. The comments on the video from fans prove he's winning over hearts all around the world!
"Thanks Kelly and Chef Gordon for ramping up my baby fever once again," one fan commented. Another wrote, "Oscar looks JUST like Gordon Ramsay. He is so cute."
WATCH BELOW: See baby Oscar take his first few steps. Story continues after video.
Oscar's four other siblings are all grown up now - there's 22-year-old Megan, 20-year-old twins Holly and Jack and 18-year-old Matilda.
While Gordon admits some of his friends questioned his decision to have another child so late in life, he says it was a very intentional decision.
"Everyone says, 'You're mad', and it's like, 'F--k off! What's it got to do with you?'" Gordon told The Australian Women's Weekly in April.
The couple's first three children were conceived via IVF and in 2016, they suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage, losing a baby boy when Tana was six months pregnant.
"It was devastating," Gordon said of the loss.
"Experiencing that loss, we were tight anyway, but it brings the whole family tighter."