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Gogglebox' Isabelle Silbery is raising her son a 'feminist' and we are cheering

''I want to support my son as we normalise a new spectrum of masculinity.''

By Anita Lyons
Gogglebox star Isabelle Silbery is hot off celebrating the cast's fourth Logies win.
And while the victory is certainly an achievement to cheer about, there's another part of her life we're applauding as well - she's raising her son as a feminist.
In an article for women's publication Whimn, Isabelle revealed that she lets her son wear nail polish, turning the idea of "normalised" masculinity on it's head.
But it seems not everyone is 100 per cent supportive of her son's choice.
Isabelle opened up about an incident at a children's birthday party, where her son was ridiculed by another child.
"Boys don't wear nail polish. That's a girl thing," the other child said.
Seeing the look of "confusion and shame" on her son's face, Isabelle wanted to step in, but an older boy came to his defence.
"No it's not. Boys can wear nail polish too!'' the older boy said.
Isabelle and her son. (Source: Instagram/Isabelle Silbery)
"No it's not. Boys can wear nail polish too!'' (Source: Supplied)
"If there's one responsibility I take most seriously in life, it's raising and shaping my son into a connected, healthy, beautiful man," Isabelle revealed.
"I see that both men and women have an important role to play in developing the mindset of boys and I believe it's our collective responsibility as a society, to positively and proactively nurture our boys to create the next generation of courageous, kind men."
Isabelle is so passionate about this cause that she even led a workshop about educating boys in Byron Bay, NSW recently.
"I was keen to understand the views of others in our country on this topic. So I asked my Instagram community this question: 'What do Australian boys need to thrive alongside women?' It was clear I wasn't alone in my passion and intentions around raising boys. I received dozens of heartfelt, intelligent answers," she wrote.
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The answers from her fans were clear - and here are the "three of the top things that emerged":
  1. Be who you are
  2. Respect starts at home
  3. Your emotions are a road map
"I want to teach my son about his emotions. When he's expressing something either negative, positive or neutral, I ask him to tell me what emotion he's feeling," she wrote.
Mummy and son day. (Source: Instagram/Isabelle Silbery)
Isabelle and her very newborn. (Source: Instagram/Isabelle Silbery)
"I want nothing more than for my son to be the best he can be, alongside women. I'm only four years into raising this boy but it's my mission and I'm absolutely, hands down, committed to it."
We applaud you, Isabelle!

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