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EXCLUSIVE: Are George and Amal Clooney planning another baby after moving their family to Australia?

Insiders say Amal is ''super clucky''.

By Woman's Day team
For George and Amal Clooney, relocating to Australia with their twins for the spring was always meant to be about balancing work and play.
After all, George, alongside Julia Roberts, will be filming Ticket To Paradise in some of the most incredible parts of the country, leaving them ample opportunity to combine his job with a relaxing holiday for busy human-rights lawyer and mum Amal.
George and Amal Clooney recently relocated to Australia with their children. (Getty)
The family of four are holed up at a stunning rural property on the NSW South Coast, where they've been given government permission to undertake their two weeks of quarantine privately, surrounded by staff and security.
The Hollywood star has been spotted spending time with his four-year-old twins, Alex and Ella, as the family acclimatise to life in the bush.
"Amal has googled all these places and she's beside herself with excitement about escaping to the tropics." (Getty)
From NSW, they'll jet up to Queensland and divide their time between the Gold Coast and the Whitsundays, which will stand in as Bali, where the movie is supposedly set.
"Amal has googled all these places and she's beside herself with excitement about escaping to the tropics," says a source.
"She's been pretty tied to her offices in London lately so it's a chance to relax with her family. She's already head over heels for the Whitsundays."
Sources say George, 60, is thrilled his wife is so keen to make the most of their time Down Under – in more ways than one.
"They've been talking about rolling the dice and trying for another child for a while now, but it took some time for George to get on board," claims a source."Amal's super clucky though, and she's managed to talk him into at least trying for baby number three, and if it happens, it happens.
"She's hoping they'll manage it while they're relaxed and happy in Australia, far from their demanding schedules in Los Angeles and London."
A separate insider says George and Amal, 43, "haven't exactly been hiding their baby hopes from friends" – and his co-star and longtime pal Julia Roberts is very much in the loop on their Aussie baby dream.
There is talk the couple are considering having another child. (Getty)
"Julia is thrilled for them and has offered, with a large wink and nudge, to take the twins on a day out if they ever need some alone time," says a source.
"She's told them it's on one condition – that they have to name her the godmother to their third kid, or name it after her. She thinks Julia Clooney has an excellent ring to it!
"So Julia's flying solo, and George and Amal are more than happy to have her around."
"Julia's pretty much going to be an extra member of their family on this trip anyway, given her husband [Danny Moder] and kids have so far remained in America as their schools have finally opened up to in-person learning again.

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