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How single mum Fifi Box's friends are helping her through her second pregnancy

The heavily pregnant star's friends rally around her in her time of need.

She's counting down the days until she welcomes her second child, but after a long and trying battle with IVF followed by a difficult pregnancy, overwhelmed single mum Fifi Box has had to lean on her close-knit group of friends to help her through.
The Project star, who fell pregnant via an anonymous donor, appeared to be feeling extra emotional last week, posting a gushy tribute to "ride or die" friends like co-host Carrie Bickmore for being her much-needed support network.
"Through what has been a really difficult pregnancy I have been supported by an incredible group of girlfriends, who are there through the tough times," wrote the 42-year-old, who has suffered from debilitating morning sickness.
The Project star shared this cute snap with Carrie on her Instagram account. (Image: Instagram @fifi_box)

Carrie's her rock

Fifi went on to say a special thanks to Carrie for throwing her baby shower, saying, "Thank you @bickmorecarrie for dragging me out of bed today and making me feel so special, you have been there every step of this journey checking in on me and encouraging me when I've been at my worst, and nothing is ever too much for you."
Indeed, Fifi couldn't have a more supportive – or understanding – friend than Carrie at this stage of her life, with the presenter opening up recently about how she has "really struggled" since the birth of her third baby, Adelaide, earlier this year. At one stage, Carrie, 38, even worried she had postnatal depression.
Not only has Carrie been a rock for Fifi, but she also threw her a baby shower. (Image: Instagram @fifi_box)
With just days to go until Fifi and six-year-old daughter Trixie become a family of three, it's understandable that the pressures are starting to take a toll on the radio star.
Last year, she opened up about the challenges of juggling single motherhood with work, revealing that her nanny has a start time of 4.30am to help her with her daughter on weekdays.
"I want to be a very present mum. The only problem with the hours and the job is that I have a child who is a night owl," she admits. "It's killing me."
While insiders say Fifi's former partner Grant Kenny was a shoulder to lean on when she was pregnant with their daughter Trixie, for the most part for pregnancy number two, she's had to go it alone or reach out to her family and close friends for support.
"Being a mum is my greatest joy in life, it is quite simply everything to me." (Image: Instagram @fifi_box)

Greatest joy

Still, after being given just a seven per cent chance of conceiving a second time and trying for almost three years to fall pregnant again, Fifi is grateful to be expanding her family – even if it means severe morning sickness and sleepless nights.
"Being a mum is my greatest joy in life, it is quite simply everything to me," she says.
WATCH: Fifi Box reveals second pregnancy. Post continues after video...

Will Fifi reveal the baby daddy?

With her second child's arrival just around the corner and the baby's father still a secret, friends are wondering when a tight-lipped Fifi will share the details with her nearest and dearest.
But given it took the private radio star three years to finally confirm the widely speculated rumours that ironman Grant Kenny was the father of her daughter Trixie, Fifi could easily stay mum on this baby secret for quite a while yet.
Fifi took to Instagram to finally confirm Grant Kenny is Trixie's father back in 2016 with this cute snap. (Image: Instagram @fifi_box)
"Fifi confirmed that she used an anonymous donor, but there's always the possibility that she does know who the donor is and isn't sharing it because she feels it's nobody's business," says an insider.
In February, close friends of Grant's revealed that they believe he is the "anonymous donor" this time, adding that he and Fifi had a pact to never discuss their relationship – or his involvement in Trixie's life – publicly.
"He and Fifi are still really close," says one insider. "It's an unusual relationship, but it works."...and some insiders claim he could also be the baby daddy to Fifi's second child.

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