"I can’t believe you are mine, my little best friend": Farmer Wants A Wife's Hayley Love's life as a single mother to her daughter Daisy

Their happily ever after is so sweet!

By Faye Couros
When Hayley Love starred on Farmer Wants A Wife and was ultimately sent home by Farmer Matt Trewin before the finale, she never knew her journey would end in baby bliss.
Despite being one of Matt's ladies, the former reality TV contestant announced her pregnancy in an exclusive statement given to News.com.au, telling the publication that she fell pregnant with Farmer Will Dwyer's baby after filming ended in January. She then found out she was to become a mother after they ended their relationship.
"I started my relationship with Farmer Will in December before the reunion episode was filmed a few weeks later in January. He told me he wasn't with Jaimee, and Jaimee was in contact with me before the reunion," Hayley said.
She explained that she and Will began "chatting online" before engaging in a sexual relationship that ended before the reunion.
Hayley cradling her growing baby bump. Instagram
"On the 2nd April I left his house thinking, 'I'm never coming back, I'm done.' The next morning I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was terrified to tell him," she wrote, adding that she tried to "keep things amicable" with Will and invited him to her appointments, revealing that he showed up to the ultrasound.
The news shocked FWAW fans, and it's perhaps one of the biggest scandals on the show ever.
However, Farmer Will shared his concern the baby isn't his in a separate statement on his Instagram following Hayley's news.
"My family are my world, and my parents were the perfect role models. When the time comes, I will be the best Dad I can be," Farmer Will wrote alongside a photo of himself and his dad.
"If this is in fact my child, I'll be there whenever the child needs me. Even if as parents we can't be a couple, our family will be filled with love for our child."
Matt hasn't publicly commented on little Daisy since her birth.
Drama aside, the personal assistant from Victoria took the hurdles she faced in her stride and looked forward to welcoming her daughter.
Hayley finally met her bundle of joy on December 7, 2021, at 10:03 pm and a few days later, she made her Instagram debut.
"I can't believe you are mine, my little best friend." she penned.
Hayley posted a snap of Daisy lying down in her cot while the other shot showed the bub lying on her mum's chest.
Since welcoming her little girl, the mother-of-one has shared the most adorable pictures taken during her maternity leave.