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Emma Watkins has a sweet new gig and she can't wait to get started

Getting Wiggly on the airwaves!

By Rebel Wylie
She's an ARIA Award winner, a singer, actor, entertainer, a Wiggle and the first true love of many a toddler around the world and Emma Watkins is getting ready for a sweet new gig.
The Yellow Wiggle is about to join fellow Aussies: Melissa Doyle, Richard Wilkins, David Campbell and Cameron Daddo as part of the smoothfm weekend announcer team.
Emma is getting ready for a sweet new gig! (Image: Supplied)
Emma says, "I'm a smoothfm fan so when the request came out of the blue to join the station, I was so excited to be a part of the smoothfm weekend team."
The 30-year-old star, who has a Masters in Media Arts and Production, is keen to show off her knowledge.
"I can't wait to share some of my all-time favourite songs with my fellow Aussies!"
Emma Watkins quickly became a favourite amongst the wiggles legions of fans as 'Emma Wiggle'! (Image: Instagram/ @Emma_Wiggle)
2019 is looking to be a busy one for the star. Arguably Watkins is a stand-out in her her role as Emma Wiggle in The Wiggles, with a spin-off television series, The Emma Show, and a growing line of merchandise, including dolls, ballet equipment and clothing.
Watkins recently spoke with Now To Love about her journey to becoming the fan favourite.
"Early on, even before anyone knew who Simon, Lachy and I were, we would do a meet and greet and the children would come straight to me and be comfortable sitting next to me for a photo and we thought it could be to do with them thinking I was a mum," Emma explains.
"That's how we tended to see it in the beginning that it was just a female presence. Then, it became the whole experience of coming to a concert and dressing up. They would dress as Emma and so the bows became this thing and we would have boys with bowties, bows on the shoes, bows on belts and people started to get really creative with the bow aspect and it spiralled from there."
"It's weird to have dolls," Emma admits. "It's amazing and I don't even look at it as me sometimes. I can't even comprehend it."
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Following her marriage breakdown with Purple Wiggle, Lachlan Gillespie in late 2018, Emma told Now to Love that the two still remain close.
"It's good. We are the best of friends. It's not a normal situation where we break up and then don't see each other. We actually work together every single day so it's nice to work with your best friend. I think that's what we realised, that we were best friends all along."
While their marriage didn't work, Emma and Lachy are still best friends. (Image: Instagram @emma_wiggle)
"We had this crazy journey together which we didn't experience with anyone else but each other – being Wiggly dancers and then we became Wiggles and we were like, 'oh my god this is so exciting and then we got married and we're separated but we're still there'."
"My life wouldn't be my life without him as part of it. I honestly am so grateful. We've had our ups and downs but we've come out of it on the back end really appreciating each other, like more than we did before. We've grown up, and now it's just a different time."