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Is new mother Meghan Markle breastfeeding baby Archie?

A royal source has revealed the answer!

By Rebecca Sullivan
How a mother chooses to feed her child is a completely personal choice, plus we know there are plenty of women out there trying desperately to breastfeed their bubs, but are simply unable to, for a variety of reasons.
So, spare a thought for new mum Meghan Markle, who might be feeling even more pressure than the average mother, as she navigates this whole new chapter with the whole world watching on.
But it seems the 37-year-old, who is famous for her commitment to health and fitness and all things "natural", is doing her best to breastfeed baby Archie.
And if you cast your mind back to her second public appearance after giving birth, at Trooping the Colour in early June, we now know that Meghan didn't feature heavily in the big royal event because she was busy breastfeeding.
While we didn't see baby Archie at the event, he was definitely there at Buckingham Palace, a royal source has revealed.
"Archie was at Trooping the Colour. [It] was a chance for him to meet some of his cousins," the source told Us Weekly.
Meghan and Harry at Trooping the Colour last month. Getty
Archie's cousins Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis were front and centre on the balcony - and completely stole the show! - however, Archie was nowhere to be seen, and Harry and Meghan only made a brief appearance.
Turns out, the Sussex family had a very good reason for their short public outing - and it all had to do with having a newborn.
"The reason Harry and Meghan didn't appear on the balcony when the Queen returned back to Buckingham Palace was because she was breast-feeding," the royal source revealed.
Meghan looked stunning during her outing at the Polo, as she held baby Archie close to her chest. Getty
Meghan cradling Archie close to her chest. Getty
According to the US Weekly source, it was challenging for Meghan to be away from Archie for even a short period of time during the Trooping parade.
"She has spent almost every moment with him and saying goodbye was very difficult," the source revealed.
"But Meghan truly wanted to be at the celebration for the Queen," they added. "Meghan loved seeing all the other royal children and was doting on them."
WATCH BELOW: An adorable Prince Harry gushes over baby Archie. Story continues after video.
It's been just two months since little Archie arrived in the world, but already his Mum is out and about, even before her maternity leave has officially finished.
Aside from Trooping the Colour, she made a surprise appearance along with Prince Harry at a baseball game last month and she supported her man during an adorable family day out at the polo.