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Hang on a hot second… Did Beyoncé just reveal the gender of her twins?

Fans believe the star’s choice of jewellery in this snap is the clue we’ve all been waiting for.

By Katie Skelly
Earlier this week a very pregnant Queen Bey took to her website with a series of snaps showing off her burgeoning belly, which currently carries the two unborn heirs to the Carter throne.
In the dreamy shots, Jay Z’s better half dons a black, velvet mini, thigh-high booties and a Gucci bag worth more than our cars (yes, probably collectively speaking), but take a closer look and you may just spot the one accessory that immediately got the Beyhive buzzing.
Eagle-eyed fans were given a dose of déjà vu upon seeing the 22-time Grammy award winner’s earrings, which happened to be the very same pair worn in the star’s 2008 music video, If I Were a Boy.
A boy, guys.
Look, it may sound like a stretch, but everyone knows Beyoncé is partial to a hint or two.
Although the 35-year-old’s iconic pregnancy announcement was made last month, a scroll back on her Instagram would indicate that she may have been trying to tell us the good news from as early as Christmas.
What at the time seemed like innocent peace signs thrown on two separate occasions may have actually been a clue that the Halo singer was expecting for the second time.
Trying to tell us something, Bey?
Blue Ivy’s mum also made a point to drop three consecutive lemon-related hints before the release of her album Lemonade last year.
It’s certainly not the first time, nor will it be the last, that fans have tried to guess the gender of five-year-old Blue Ivy’s soon-to-be siblings.
After the initial shock and celebration of Beyoncé’s twin announcement wore off, the internet began to deconstruct each aspect, searching for clues.
They’d originally come to the conclusion that the star simply MUST be having a boy and a girl due to the fact that she’d chosen to feature both pink and blue in the decision to wear mismatched lingerie.
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