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Deaf toddler's reaction to meeting a Minnie Mouse who speaks in sign language will MELT you

The little boy left Disneyland with an unforgettable experience.

By Bettina Tyrrell
It is official; Disneyland is the most magical place on earth. Of course there are enchanting rides and sugary Mickey Mouse-shaped treats galore, but the true magic of Disneyland lies in the fact that this dreamy, colourful world speaks the same language as kids, as all kids, no matter their background or difference.
A little boy’s day was made when a friendly Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and Pluto gave him a special experience he’ll never forget. And luckily for us, the whole heartwarming moment was captured on video.
The toddler was visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California, with not-for-profit organisation Olive Crest, which specialising in helping at-risk children. The video shows the child, who is deaf, standing mesmerised in front of three life-sized Disney characters. Wanting to talk to the happy creatures, the boy communicates something to them in sign language.
The little boy's dreams came true when his Disney heroes used sign language to say "I love you".
Minnie Mouse bends down to the little boy and signs back to him. She says: "I love you" and "Nice to meet you."
The boy, overwhelmed by her response, rushes to Minnie Mouse who embraces him in a hug.
"It certainly was a significant moment for him," Heidi Riehl, a spokesperson for non-profit Olive Crest, told Inside Edition. "You can just tell by his reaction. He felt very known."
Overjoyed by the interaction, the toddler rushed to hug Minnie and then Mickey.
Research in Australia and overseas explains that deaf children will learn sign language naturally if their parents and other people around them use the language. And according to Aussie Deaf Kids children who are born into families where sign language is used, will start "babbling" words on their fingers from as young as 6-months-old.
The toddler, who was obviously elated that his Disney heroes spoke his language, was accompanied by a sign language assistant who directed Minnie and Mickey how to say the phrases. But even so, the boy’s reaction has warmed the hearts of all who have seen the video captured by a member from Olive Crest.
It seems dreams do really come true at the happiest place on earth!