All the most heartwarming moments David Campbell has shared with his three children through the years

"It's such a privilege to raise humans, it really is.''

By Faye Couros
For anyone who finds their way onto Today Extra host David Campbell's Instagram, the one salient detail that will leave their heart warmed is his devotion to his children.
David, who is a father of three, shares his kids Leo, born in 2010 and twins Betty and Billy, who arrived in 2015 with his wife and producer Lisa Campbell.
The performer is constantly sharing endearing moments with his clan and gushes over their talents, hilarious moments, and wild childlike curiosity with his fans.
It's a wholesome corner of the internet that proves the insurmountable love of a devoted father.
In conversation with Now To Love in March 2021, David revealed his refreshingly honest views on parenting and the lessons he has learnt.
"It's such a privilege to raise humans, it really is. It's very hard, very stressful, but I've been taught a lot," said David.
"The experience of watching people grow in front of your eyes and help mould them into better citizens is something that is so special. You take it for granted as a parent all the time, I did just this morning, but I'm trying to be present and remind myself about how great this time is."
The singer also opened up about how he navigates the trickier side of raising young children, and he offered some welcomed advice to parents.
"I think when you're a parent, everyone is just doing their best! A lot of people feel a lot of shame that they're not living up to the expectations of how people parent on Instagram or blogs, or this book says this… But I think we're slowly letting that go now and just doing our best.
"It's a long marathon. Keep going and give yourself a break! We forget how important it is just to be in their life," he said.
To celebrate David's adoration for fatherhood and his fun brood, enjoy this gallery of his most heartwarming moments with Leo, Betty and Billy.
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