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Parents are kissing their kids on the lips in support of David Beckham

#StandByBeckham is going viral

By Rebel Wylie
When retired football hero, David Beckham recently posted a sweet image of himself and daughter, seven-year-old Harper it should have come as no surprise that the hands-on dad was affectionate.
His social media feed shows him as a caring and loving patriarch of the family he shares with wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.
However, this particular photo sets tongues wagging due to the fact that David and Harper were kissing on the lips.
"Christmas is coming. Let's go skate," writes doting dad, David Beckham on Instagram. Image: Instagram/DavidBeckham
The trolls came for him with accusations of incest and exclamations of disgust.
The king of all trolls, Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan sniffed the controversy in the wind and jumped on board, describing the innocent peck as 'creepy' and 'weird'.
In a bizarre attempt to highlight the inappropriateness, the host then planted one on the smacker of guest Peter Andre.
Erm … not the same thing, good sir.
Of course, common sense prevailed and support flooded in for the uber-famous father-of-four, as parents began to flood the Twitterverse and other social media waving the banner for lip-kissing families the world over.
"This is normal imo. If #DavidBeckham has offended you then you're the weird one!" writes one proud smoocher.
"I'm with David Beckham on this, kissing your child is not a crime, showing your child love and affection is not a crime, my boy is my world and will continue to kiss him on the lips until he tells me otherwise," confesses another.

Perhaps the most telling of all that Morgan is on the wrong track is the hundreds of images flooding the net with the hashtag #standbybeckham.
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Parents from all over the world are proudly sharing images of themselves smooching their sweet babes and beyond right on the kisser in a fierce demonstration of support for the affectionate Beckham family.
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It's not the first time this issue has come up for the Beckhams. In 2017 a heated debate arose after a snap of Becks and then five-year-old Harper was shared which showed the pair kissing on the lips while on holiday.

And prior to that in 2016 mum, Victoria courted controversy when a snap of her and Harper kissing in the pool garnered the same kind of wrath from prudish fans, accusing her of being "inappropriate" and "lesbian".

It's good to see the Beckhams aren't letting the haters curb their affectionate parenting style though, I'm looking forward to writing the annual report next year when, no doubt, someone smooches someone again! Kisses for all, I say!