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Get out your hairspray, Nikki Webster is bringing Dance Moms to Australia and she wants your kids!

Oh this is going to be gooo-ooood!

By Rebel Wylie
Stop what you're doing, this is HUGE.
Dance Moms is coming down under, which you think would make it Dance Mums … but I digress. It's coming and Nikki Webster is all over it.
Nikki, 32, literally flew into fame by zooming through the air at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney at the age of 13 knows a thing or two about being a child dance prodigy. If you're humming her hit song, Strawberry Kisses right now don't blame me.
Her performance pedigree makes her the perfect pick to teach Australia's young dancers, and here's hoping she can make it as crazy bonkers good as it's US counterpart.
WATCH: Nikki Webster is casting for Dance Moms Australia and we can't breathe … Continues after video.
If you're unfamiliar with Dance Moms, strap on in. The US version, featuring controversial dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, is an addictive train wreck of precocious little performers, pushy mums and completely inappropriate behaviour on and off the dance floor as they strive to make in the cut throat business of childhood dance.
To give an idea of the level of nutso, Abby once tried to bite a mum. Not even joking. She also did some serious jail time for fraud.
It's also where we first met Sia's prodigy, Maddie Ziegler.
If you're wondering if it's worth tuning in, around three million people watch the show per episode so that's kind of saying something.
Can Nikki Webster bring the same amount of bonkers as the US Dance Teacher Abby Lee Miller? Here's hoping. (Image: Getty)
Nikki, who most recently graced our screens as The Alien on Channel Ten's The Masked Singer is urging contenders for the show, dancers aged between eight and 16 and their stage mums, to submit two 60 second videos to YouTube.
The first, one of the young dancer performing one of their favourite routines and the second, one of the dancer and their parent or caregiver taking part in a little banter.
"I've been involved with competitive dance as a child performer, an instructor and a mother. It is an exhilarating, entertaining and at times, emotional ride," says Nikki.
"I've got no doubt Australians will be compelled by what Dance Moms Australia will bring to their homes: the drama of competition and conflict where the lines of allegiance aren't always what you'd expect."
Nikki performs on The Masked Singer Australia. (Image: Channel 10)
The fact that Nikki's website poses the questions: "Does your child have the dance moves, dedication and drive to be a star?" and more importantly: "Do they outshine everyone they compete against?" hints that the Australian production might be looking to emulate the diva dramatics of the US version and for that, we are ALL in!