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What a legend! Luna Simone just hit a major milestone that none of us ever will

This is a pretty incredible feat for a one-year-old.

By Ellie McDonald
ICYMI: Proud parents Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have hit a home run when it comes to their incredibly talented-for-her-age daughter, Luna Simone Stephens.
The just-turned-one-year-old – who is probably only able to walk/wobble with the help of her mum and dad – took to Safeco Field in Seattle to throw the first pitch of the Seattle Mariners versus the Minnesota Twins baseball game earlier this week.
Because, let’s be real: these celebrities, and their already-over-achieving spawn, aren’t just ordinary people…
According to PEOPLE, after being gifted her own (super-sweet) baseball Guernsey, John then lifted his little girl into the air before making the pitch.
Talk about a (literal) curve ball!
A cutie for the crowd.
This is one almighty achievement considering the youngster only just celebrated her first birthday on April 15.
(Mum Chrissy wished her a happy birthday in the sweetest way, saying: You are all the best parts of the both of us and I cannot believe how much has happened in you first 12 months of life. We love you to the luna and back.”)

But let’s face it: we’re sure Luna would much prefer to be kicking back, knocking back lollies, than having her picture taken a gazillion times next to her elated parents – something her dad is already too well aware of.
The All Of Me singer, who is currently touring the US with Chrissy and Luna, sprung his daughter reaching for the goods mid-happy snap, writing on Instagram:
“Mommy and daddy posing. Luna stealing the Mariners' bubble gum…”

This famous family proves time and time again that they are too cute for words…
^ Exhibit A.
WATCH Chrissy Teigen show us why she is the ultimate (hilarious!) celeb mum in the video below.

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