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Carrie Bickmore's hilarious yet relatable parenting fail is guaranteed to make you laugh

We've all been there!

By Alana Mazzoni
Carrie Bickmore may be a bona fide super-mum and one of Australia's most respected journalists - but in the cooking department, she has a lot to learn!
The Project host, who's currently living in the UK with her partner Chris Walker and three kids, took to Instagram on Thursday night to share a hilariously relatable "parenting fail".
The kerfuffle started after Carrie was asked to bring "something Australian" to the international food festival at her daughter Evie's school.
Carrie was tasked with creating an Aussie dish for her daughter's school. (Image: Instagram)
"Planned to make pavlova. Got to the day and realised I did not have any of the tools needed to make pavlova so went to shop and bought meringues. (Not an Australian dish)," Carrie shared to her 760,000 followers.
To make matters worse, when Carrie arrived at Evie's school, she could only find a New Zealand flag to sit by her dish.
"[It was] fitting given I was taking Pavlova which actually originates from NZ," she joked.
But the rigmarole didn't end there!
Carrie and her family have relocated to the UK for several months. (Image: Instagram)
Carrie then admitted she had spelt "cornflour" incorrectly on the ingredients list.
"Was told I could have brought fairy bread. Who knew fairy bread was just an Australian thing?? Kids loved my meringues 🤣 and the night was so lovely 🥰," she concluded.
Carrie's fans and fellow celebs were highly entertained by her last-minute dish, with Rove McManus commenting: "Kiwis would argue this is a NZ dish anyway. Why not just serve up an open can of worms!!!"
"How hard is school mumming!!" a sympathetic fan wrote underneath her post.
In April, Carrie, Chris and kids Ollie, Evie and Addie embarked on a whirlwind trip around of Europe.
The family has since settled in the UK, where they will stay for the next few months while Carrie is on a sabbatical from The Project.
"We've been wanting to do it for a while but lots of reasons, timing hasn't been right, but we figure it's never going to be the perfect time to go," the 41-year-old announced in March.
"It's something we really want to do before my son starts his final years at school so we're doing term two in the UK. So I will be off for a couple of months."
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