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Carrie Bickmore's family holiday pictures are too sweet for words (!!!)

Could Carrie and her little girl, Evie, look any more alike?!

By Ellie McDonald
Carrie Bickmore: she's just like the rest of us!
The mum-of-two and co-host of The Project has taken to Instagram to not only share a handful of super-sweet beach snaps with her family, but she pre-empts those post-holiday blues, just like we do.
"Really gonna miss these little scallywags when I head back to work tomorrow," Carrie posted on Instagram, alongside a bunch of loved-up family shots with her partner, Chris Walker, and two kids, Oliver, 10, and Evie, 2.
Carrie on holidays with Evie and Ollie.
Ollie has a big smile - just like his mum!
Making a splash!
But what these pics really show us (aside from Carrie's, understandable, longing for beach days over sitting behind The Project desk) is that her adorable little girl, Evie, looks just like her!
Carrie catching a sweet moment of Evie playing in the sand.
Say... SELFIE!
Carrie, 37, shares Evie with her now-partner, Chris, who she says she "connected" with following each of their horrific history of losing loved ones.
In 2010, Carrie's first husband, and Ollie's dad, Greg Lange passed away from brain cancer – the deadly disease he has been fighting for a decade.
"Most people in their 20s are working, partying, travelling, hanging out with friends - and though I got to do some of those things, I was forced to grow up very quickly," Carrie told Women's Health of what it was like to lose her husband, Greg.

"I had to get my head around some health concepts - brain cancer - which wasn't something I had any idea about or thought I would need to know about for many years."
It is reported that two years after losing her love, Greg, the Gold Logie winner met Walker on the set of The Project, where he had been working as a producer.
Now, six years later, the happy couple are enjoying family bringing up Ollie and Evie, with Carrie admitting that Chris has been both hers and Ollie's rock following Greg's death.
"Chris is quite incredible with Ollie," Carrie says.
"Especially in the way that he helps Ollie process grief and how he's feeling. He's great with kids. He's been an incredible support to me too."
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