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Carrie Bickmore's daughter had the cutest reaction to her mum's wrinkles

'Mummy what are those stripes on your head?'

By Alex Lilly
She may be a skincare ambassador and one of the most gorgeous people on Australian television, but Carrie Bickmore is just like the rest of us and is no stranger to wrinkles.
In a candid Instagram post, The Project host shared a cute exchange that she and her daughter Evie, three, had regarding the lines on her face. And we like the way Evie thinks!
"Mummy what are those stripes on your head?"
Carrie shared the above photo of her forehead and shared what her inquisitive daughter had to say.
"Evie: 'Mummy what are those stripes on your head?'
Me: 'They are wrinkles honey'
Evie: 'Why don't I have them?'
Me: 'Cause Mummy is old'
Evie: 'No Mummy, you are not old, you are young and pretty like a stripey tiger'
My daughter certainly knows how to suck up after a sledge."
She sure does! And that's not the first time Carrie's shared Evie's pearls of wisdom. When the cheeky toddler asked how the baby in her mum's tummy got there in the first place, Carrie expertly dodged the question and said "it comes out my hole."
"And she said, 'Do I have a hole?' and I said, 'Yes' and she said, 'Do I have a big one' and I said "Sure,'" Carrie recalled on her breakfast radio show.
Carrie with Evie and Ollie.
Carrie is currently pregnant with her third child. Along with Evie, she also has a 10 year-old son, Ollie whom she shares with her late husband, Greg Lange.
Speaking on Anh's Brush With Fame, the TV presenter admitted after a traumatic birth with her son, she had a huge fear about birth afterwards.
"I think I thought I would be OK if I didn't have any more kids. I just felt so blessed with Ollie and with Evie, it was a really different experience. It wasn't fun but it wasn't traumatic. I'm so glad I had her!"
We hope baby number three is just as sweet and cheeky as her other two.

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