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Carrie Bickmore had the most disastrous date night and parents will totally relate

Too real Carrie.

By Alex Lilly
We've all had disastrous dates but parents will find themselves rolling their eyes and nodding in agreement when you hear what happened to poor Carrie Bickmore over the weekend.
The Project host shared a cute selfie of herself and partner Chris Walker all dressed up for a Saturday night on the town, but turns out fate was not so kind to them.
Carrie captioned her black and white selfie with, "Saturday night. Here we were so excited to be heading out on a rare night out with friends. Fast forward 5 hours and we are up all night with a sick baby and no sleep."
"How do they know when you go out?!!!" she continued. "Anyway I now remember that hangovers and babies/toddlers don't mix. So this photo will he used to remind me anytime I think we should go out on the town 🤣💃😩"
Her followers were quick to comment with their support- even Home and Away star and new mum Penny McNamee adding, "Same!!! Always serves as a good reminder. Never leave the house! 😂"
No more date nights for Carrie and Chris! (Image: Instagram @carriebickmore)
She may have a glamorous day job, but this isn't the first time the mum-of-three has kept it real on social media.
Back in December just days after giving birth to her daughter Addie, Carrie shared two pictures on Instagram that perfectly captured the huge difference between what we see on social media versus what's really going on behind the scenes.
"INSTAGRAM versus REALITY... 1st pic was taken on a flattering angle, with some props, some casual hand positioning, some clever cropping and a nice little filter added. The 2nd was the real moment captured without my knowledge a couple of weeks after Adelaide was born before I woke up and suggested we take a nice shot."
Instagram versus reality at its finest. (Image: Instagram @carriebickmore)
Despite being one of the most relatable mums out there, Carrie has previously admitted that she had a fear of birth and wasn't sure she would have any more children after suffering from a haemorraghe shortly after her son was born.
"I think I thought I would be OK if I didn't have any more kids," she told Anh Do on the ABC show, Anh's Brush With Fame last year.
"I just felt so blessed with Ollie and with Evie, it was a really different experience. It wasn't fun but it wasn't traumatic. I'm so glad I had her!"
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