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Carrie Bickmore has shared a painfully adorable family moment featuring her doting daughters terrorising their dad Chris Walker

''You’re going to wake Ollie up, don’t wake Ollie up.''

By Faye Couros
Over the last 20 months, parents around Australia have had to navigate working from home with young children. The time together was precious, but many are glad to be back in the office.
Carrie Bickmore has shared a glimpse inside her own chaotic family life with a clip of her daughters Evie and Adelaide 'Addie' trying to get their father, Chris Walker's attention while he works.
In the video uploaded to Instagram, six-year-old Evie and three-year-old Addie sit on the arm of their couch, with their legs around Chris as he types on his laptop.
Evie can be seen whispering something in her sister's ear before Adelaide yells, "Mum, DADDY NEEDS SOME PEACE."
The Project host, who was behind the camera, attempts to translate her daughter's comment, but she was quickly put in her place by Evie, who revealed her sister actually said, "Daddy doesn't need some peace."
"What is Daddy doing, Addie?" Carrie asks her youngest girl, who replies "Work."
However when Addie starts screaming again, Carrie implored her youngest children to think of their older brother, Ollie - Carrie's 14-year-old son.
"You're going to wake Ollie up, don't wake Ollie up," the mum-of-three can be heard saying from behind the camera.
Watch the Walker-Bickmore chaos below.
Despite trying her best, Adelaide further tests her boundaries by appearing to prepare for a shriek, but holds off until belting, "MUM, DADDY DOESN'T NEED SOME PEACE!"
Despite the chaos, TV producer Chris was yet to break his focused pose, and Carrie can be heard behind the camera commenting that, "Daddy seems to be loving it."
The girls continued to dote over their dad and sing around him while he stared at the camera in defeat.
"This is much harder to edit with," he admitted.
Carrie and Chris share daughters Evie, six, and Addie, three. Instagram
It's unsurprising that Chris was so calm since he adores his family.
In fact, Carrie previously admitted that if he had it his way, their brood would be double the size.
"He'd have six kids if he had his way! He loves kids and loves watching them playing together," Carrie revealed to Who Magazine in 2018.
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