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Café manager ‘humiliated’ mum who changed child’s nappy outside

The mother-of-two had no other option to change her son as quickly and discreetly as possible, but she still got publicly scolded.

By Jacqui King
A mother of twin boys has lashed out at The Farmhouse Restaurant in Guildford, UK, after the restaurant manager allegedly berated her for changing her child’s nappy in a seating area outside.
Dion Skull, 31, had been eating at the restaurant with her one-year-old sons, Luca and Zack, as she does regularly. “I had changed the boys before I left as I know my pushchair doesn’t fit in the baby changing facilities,” she told Get Surrey.
The Farmhouse Café
“However, when I got there one of the boys had gone to the toilet. He has chicken pox, which was why we were sitting outside.”
She added: “I couldn’t leave him in a soiled nappy. My other son has separation anxiety and I only briefly knew the mums I was having lunch with so didn’t want to leave him on his own.”
Thinking she had no other option, she changed him on the grass as quickly as possible. Following this, Skull said that the manager came out to confront her.
“The manager said she had customers complain to her and say they were never going to come again because I had changed my boy's nappy outside. She started shouting at me in front of everybody, she said it was disgusting and unhygienic.”
Dion's husband and two bubs.
Skull said she felt humiliated and left the café in tears. She took to Facebook to share the story and has been overwhelmed with support from parents.
Dion's comment on The Farmhouse's Facebook page.
One Facebook user wrote, “ This is disgraceful being a mum of twins myself, it's very difficult and stressful being a mum of twins. If the changing facilities aren't adequate you do what you have to do!!!"
Another commented, “To shame this lady for changing her baby's nappy in public shows a terrible lack of compassion. She already explained why she couldn't use the facilities and would have been a worse mother for leaving the child in a dirty nappy. If you don't like it don't look.