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Like father, like son: Buddy Oliver makes his presenting debut on dad, Jamie Oliver's YouTube channel

And his knife skills are on point!

By Rebel Wylie
When your dad makes being one of the world's most popular chefs look like so much fun, it's fair to assume that you might consider giving it a try yourself.
That's exactly what happened when nine-year-old Buddy Oliver donned an apron to make his presenting debut over the weekend on Jamie's YouTube channel.
And in no mean feat the little foodie whipped a dish that has many of us stumped ... delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs.
It looks like little 'Bonsai Jamie' is set for a future in the kitchen. (Image: Instagram/JamieOliver)
It was clear that Jamie's love for all things food and nutrition has been passed down to little Buddy.
While it was not his first time being featured alongside his old man on the channel - Buddy has been Jamie's little sous chef on several occasions - it was his first time presenting. Although you might not know it.
"Hi guys, it's me Buddy Oliver and today I am going to show you how to make scrambled eggs," he announced confidently.
Buddy even shared some pro tips with his audience. Ever wondered what to do when the pesky egg shell gets in the mix?
"Dad taught me a trick on how to get the shell out, just use another piece of the shell to scoop it out," shared Buddy.
WATCH: Little Buddy Oliver's knife skills are on point. Continues after video ...
If presenting the kind of breakfast most of only see in a cafe is not impressive enough, Buddy Oliver's skills around a knife were also on show.
As the nine-year-old wielded a large knife to make short work of a loaf of sourbread, it becomes pretty apparent that it's something he has been doing for years.
And the verdict? Fans were super impressed and wanting to see more!
"I think it's time Buddy got his own little series on YouTube!" shared one Buddy enthusiast. "Imagine other children watching him and getting inspired."
Another shared: "He's got a brilliant camera presence and not even slightly nervous."
"Okay, most definitely his father's son. More Buddy please and thank you," requested one commenter.
The Oliver family nailing life. (Image: Instagram/JoolsOliver)
It's been a big week for the little fella. In addition to making his presenting debut, Buddy also celebrated his ninth birthday on Sunday.
The occasion was marked on social media by mum Jools Oliver who shared a pretty sweet message for her darling boy.

The 44-year-old mum-of-five shared an image of Buddy chilling in the backyard with his little duckling pals and wrote: "This capture just about sums you up little Buds… now you are 9 our little gentle soul xxx."
Buddy Bear Maurice is the fourth child of Jamie and wife, Jools. They also share Poppy Honey Rosie (17), Daisy Boo (16), Petal Blossom Rainbow (10), and River Rocket Blue Dallas (3).

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