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Actress Brigitte Nielsen reveals IVF struggle to fall pregnant with fifth child at 55

''I finally have my Princess.''

By Bettina Tyrrell
Actress Brigette Nielson surprised the world when she announced on social media on May 27, she was expecting her fifth child at age 54, now 55. Just four weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy little girl.
Little did the her fan's know, The Red Sonja actress had been trying for more than a decade to fall pregnant.

Speaking to PEOPLE and posing with her new bub for the first time, Brigitte revealed she and her husband, Italian model Mattia Dessi, 39, had been trying to fall pregnant through in vitro fertilization for almost 10 years.
"My husband and I have been wanting this so much for so many years. I finally have my little princess," said the actress who was told she had a slim chance of falling pregnant.

Although the couple are over the moon now little Frida has joined their family, their journey to welcome their bub came with a lot of heartbreaking times.
"There was a lot of disappointment," explained Brigitte. "It's that phone call going, 'It's negative.' It's the waiting. At times you can feel lonely, because a lot of women don't talk to each other about it."
The leggy actress says she had and easy pregnancy and smooth delivery via cesarean.
She said: "It's been a long road, and so worth it. We've never been more in love."

The Danish-Italian actress is also the mum to adult sons Julian, 34, Killian, 28, Douglas, 25, and Raoul, 23.
Bridgette has been married to Italian TV producer Mattia Dessi, 39, since 2006. Mattia is her fifth husband, she was previously married to Raoul Meyer (1993 -- 2003), Sebastian Copeland (1990 -- 1992), Sylvester Stallone (1985 -- 1987) and Kasper Winding (1983 -- 1984).
Bridgette and Mattia tied the knot in July 2006, in Malta, Italy after first having an unofficial ceremony in February 2005.