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Brendan Fevola is passing the time in isolation by pranking his family and dyeing his hair

Trust Fev to keep us entertained.

By Alex Lilly
Lockdown and self-isolating has been a challenging time for many, but Brendan Fevola seems to be taking it all in his stride.
The 39-year-old former AFL player has been keeping his fans on social media entertained with his hilarious photos and videos - and between pranking his kids and necking back the champers, he's absolutely become our isolation hero.
With fewer people heading to the hairdressers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Fev has been experimenting with some rather bold new hairstyles.
The dad-of-four shared snaps of himself sporting bright peroxide blonde hair - and it was received surprisingly well by his friends and followers.
"I'm shocked... that I love it!" one of his followers commented.
"This is a disturbing admission - but I think it actually suits you!" commented another.
Fev stopped us in our tracks when we saw this Instagram. (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)
Blondes do have more fun. (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)
But Fev cranked it up a notch, when he got the logo of his Fox FM radio station dyed into his hair.
The radio host, who is one third of breakfast radio trio Fifi, Fev and Byron, even revealed that his 13-year-old daughter Leni had been his hairdresser - clearly she's taking after her makeup artist mum Alex Fevola.
We are speechless. (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)
Tiger King has been the quarantine Netflix hit that millions have been streaming over the last month, and it seems like Brendan's jumped on the bandwagon too.
Ahead of an interview with breakout star Joe Exotic's ex-husband John, Fev filmed himself with a Joe Exotic filter and gave his best attempt at an Oklahoma accent.
Not everyone was blown away with the impression though, including wife Alex who commented, "Chopper Read and Warrick Capper's love child," followed by a series of laughing emojis.
Joe Exotic, is that you? (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)
As a dad-of-four, you can bet Fev's been embarrassing and playing tricks on his kids and wife.
In a clip uploaded to his Instagram account, the radio host shared his "epic dad fail" as he tried to scare nine-year-old daughter Lulu but ended up scaring 17-month-old Tobi instead!
"Ps had to edit the last bit @alexfevolamakeup not happy," he captioned the video.
WATCH BELOW: Brendan Fevola's prank goes wrong. Post continues after video...
But perhaps the AFL star's greatest look was when he donned the royal blue dress his wife Alex wore to the 2009 Browlow Awards.
"@alexfevolamakeup 2009 Brownlow Dress oh what a night. Who wore it better ?? #binisolationouting," he captioned a split screen image.
The post was met with many comments, including one from Dave Hughes that read: "Fev, you need to go to the supermarket in that dress. The social distance flirting you will get in fruit and veg section will be next level."
But perhaps the best response was from Alex once again who wrote, "I was 7 and a half months pregnant and you're filling it out more."
What else will he do next?
Who wore it better? (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)
Brendan Fevola: Isolation Idol. (Image: Instagram @brendanfevola25)

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